How to Let Go of your Toxic Ex + Break Free from Repeating Patterns in your Relationships

Set your standards, take back your dignity, and demonstrate how a woman like you deserves to be treated!

Because if you don’t, then who will?

Are you still struggling to accept a break-up?

Maybe you keep going back to a toxic situationship?

You might even be holding on to a relationship that never got started and/or was years ago?

If you’re honest, you can’t stop thinking about (& stalking!) this person?

You’ve tried everything & you can’t just forget the chemistry you shared or the few good traits that makes this person different?

“In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself”

Whether you are preoccupied with one ex, or fed up of finding yourself with the same toxic ‘type’ over and over, this free workshop is for you!

You are about to embark on a journey that is going to make you feel so genuinely irreplaceable in your love life, not only will you quit looking backward, you are going to find the FUN in dating again! 


You may think your situation is different, or that you just need to make this person remember what you had, or you may even think you are the reason your relationship turned sour. 

What if I told you these beliefs are the reason you can’t let go?

What if I told you there are thousands, and thousands of women in a very similar position to you right now?

You all want your life back, you’ve tried everything a self-help book can offer, but the pullback to this person is SO strong, and you feel weak.

Getting stuck on unhealthy relationships, becoming infatuated with a guy, and being obsessive is exhausting. That is why I am determined to help you sort this out. 

All that energy that is going on this person? 

Girl, you need that energy to break this cycle before you meet the next unavailable guy (or this one comes back!).

The way you feel right now is a creation of your mind, body, and past experiences. You are not even slightly on your own in this. It is certainly true that not everyone understands because not everyone is like us when it comes our experience with love, loneliness, and abandonment.

Not everyone had to adopt this pattern in order to survive trauma, pain, and/or abandonment issues.


Join Self-Esteem & Relationship coach Carly Ann for this workshop where you will learn how to be free from your exes so that you can clear the way for a relationship where the guy calls when he says he will, wants to spend his Sunday with you, and actually likes you.

You are going to quit giving every waking hour to this person, and begin to open your heart, mind, and soul to the possibility that this person is simply your greatest stepping stone to healing past pain, finding true love, and creating a life that sets your soul on fire.

Carly Ann is going to share the proven process that will make you feel so irreplaceable in love, that your ex probably will come crawling back. You will be so wide awake to Mr Unavailables, you won’t even be tempted.




I know first hand that learning to let go of your ex is frightening. It is letting go of the future you pictured, the chemistry you felt, and the thing that made them special – but the truth is you deserve someone who sees you for you, and will offer their love, focus, and future to you. It is out there, you may not believe it right now, and that is exactly why I invite you to this workshop.

I want you to meet other women, just like us, who also lost themselves to love.

Sign up below, and let me show you how to set yourself free from this toxic pattern and find your way back to yourself.


When: SUNDAY 27th Sept 2020 at 7pm

Where: Zoom.

How: Sign up below with your email and you will be sent the zoom link. Replay available but you still need to register for access.

(having trouble but want to attend? send us a message HERE or message Carly Ann on INSTA)