Attachment Styles: NEXT Level Recovery

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Are you are done searching for ways to get your ex back? Have you decided that the best thing to do, is get yourself back?

It is easy to get knocked down in love, but what if these are the moments that make you? Carly Ann shares her love story, why you are not alone, and how the future of this podcast is going to support you to navigate through the highs & lows of dating & relationships. If you experience insecurity, anxiety, self-blame, and a whole lot of people-pleasing – you are in the right place.

This podcast is for the woman who is done with believing she needs someone else to be whole, the one who has had enough of not feeling enough, who is not willing to let her past steal any more of her future, who is waving goodbye to a fantasy relationship and hello to the healthy, extraordinary love she deserves. This is where you learn how to become the most secure & irreplaceable version of yourself.

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Hi, I’m Carly Ann! I am a Relationship & SELF-Esteem Cach, podcaster, and Recovering Anxious Dater.

I do it slightly different in that I go for a full mind, body, soul & abundance process – to really get to the core of the pattern & fears so that you can experience deep, significant transformations

I am here to help women who lose themselves in love, coaching them to go from insecure, anxious, & unheard to feeling whole, worthy, and irreplaceable in love, by rediscovering their sense of SELF & creating something BIGGER.

Come and get to know me more on Instagram @carly.ann_

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