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Relationships & Dating can be anxiety provoking for anyone. Two worlds colliding comes with constant change, newness, and expectations.

For someone with an anxious attachment, that relationship & dating anxiety becomes excessive.

Your love interest quickly becomes the centre of your world, and you begin to fall into patterns that interrupt your flow of life.

You think of them 90% of the time, you feel happy or sad depending on the relationship, and you behave in ways that feel out of character.

In this video, I am talking you through the typical signs of an anxious attachment style.

  • I look at triggers (such as any perceived threat to the relationship)
  • I look at thoughts (such as “I’m not good enough” or “What if they meet someone else?”)
  • I look at emotions and sensations (such as despair and tight chest)
  • I look at behaviours (such as checking phones and seeking closeness)

This information can bring up a whole range of emotions, and that is totally normal. It can be frustrating at the thought of all the years lost or situations you could have handles better if you had known. It can bring sadness as you realise what a challenging pattern you live with. But it can also bring relief as you realise THIS IS NOT YOU & YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

That is why I have created a whole community of women inside my membership Follow Your Fire. Because I want to teach you what it takes to break free from these thoughts/feelings/behaviours. It can feel like you are trapped…I can assure you that you’re not. You have the ability to develop a secure mind-set and show up in a way that you are proud of in your relationships.

If you want to go deeper today and understand your own individual signs of attachment patterns, you can watch my free 3 part course below. It is designed to help you feel supported, empowered, and confident in changing your relationship patterns.

If you would like to go deeper today into painting a picture of your own attachment style and relationship roadmap, I welcome you to watch my free 3-part course; Attachment Styles: The NEXT Level

Are you determined to take back your power and feel free from the insecurity, obsession, and anxiety of your attachment wounds?

Whether you have been overtaken by a relationship, highjacked by “the ick”, or keep attracting the same unavailable types; this course is designed to help go from lost in love to feeling safe, secure, & empowered – starting by understanding this current situation/person.

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