Get to know the six SECURE Pillars

Six pillars to building confidence in your Self, Others, and your ability to Self-soothe.

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A secure attachment styles tends to be the relationship model we all want to have. Not only because of the higher chance of experiencing healthier relationships, but also because your nervous system doesn’t get so stressed out by dating & love – imagine that!

In case you are not aware, attachment theory presents us with the idea that people experience different levels of security within their relationships (which can be described as insecure or secure attachment styles).

In this video I am sharing the key signs of someone that feels secure in relationships & intimacy. (You can also check out my blogs for recognise Signs of Anxious Attachment & Signs of Avoidant Attachment).

This is ideal knowledge if you are looking to attract more secure partners or become more secure yourself.

If you are looking to understand more about a secure attachment style and recognise the signs to look out for in you and/or loved ones, you are in the right place. In this video I am giving you the thoughts, feelings, & behaviours of someone with a secure attachment style. 

We all have a secure self within us, this information can help you to access them and have better relationships. 

To understand your own patterns and give yourself the opportunity to access your true sense of (secure) self, make sure you check out my free offer below.

If you would like to go deeper today into painting a picture of your own attachment style and relationship roadmap, I welcome you to watch my free 3-part course; Attachment Styles: The NEXT Level

Are you determined to take back your power and feel free from the insecurity, obsession, and anxiety of your attachment wounds?

Whether you have been overtaken by a relationship, highjacked by “the ick”, or keep attracting the same unavailable types; this course is designed to help go from lost in love to feeling safe, secure, & empowered – starting by understanding this current situation/person.

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