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Are you feeling closed off to love? Do you have those walls up when it comes to dating, love, and relationships?

I’ve got you!

It is easy to fear love, especially if your experience of love so far has been anything but rainbows & butterflies.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is the conflict between how much you want love, and how much you want to protect yourself.

Below, you have access to a really honest, juicy, and inspiring chat that was recorded for my (brilliant!) podcast LESSONS IN LOVE.

You are invited into some very special conversations designed specifically to help you become the leader of your own love life. Through my own experiences and other people’s inspiring lessons, I am showing you that we can change & break free from toxic patterns in love.

This podcast is going to connect you with real people who experience real struggles in love. Take these lessons, and you can initiate the kind of love you keep saying you want. 

A lesson in love is life’s way of nudging you in a new direction, telling you there is something far greater out there waiting for you. Inside this podcast, you are going to hear what has shaped successful love stories & healed heartbreak. You are going to see, you are not alone. So go ahead and subscribe! 

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Listen in as we chat about:

  • How to change the negative narrative around your love life
  • Avoidant Attachment and signs you are unavailable for love
  • How to let your guard down and open your heart to the love you say you want
  • Whether it is possible to change your attachment style – and out own personal experiences
  • How to surrender to being single and let go of the air of desperation 
  • The difference between boundaries and barriers 


Join Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach in this FREE Masterclass as she takes you through what drives you to do the things you do when it comes to your relationships, self-sabotaging behaviours, and painful patterns in love.

This is a must-watch for anyone who is looking to understand themselves & ignite their love life on a deeper level

If you have ever felt too needy, too much, crazy in love, or not enough that I strongly encourage you to get cosy and dive into this Masterclass designed for women just like you!

Giving you the inside scoop on how to choose a relationship that meets your needs, so that you can go from choosing superficial, confusing, & unavailable relationships to being clear, confident, and excited about the kind of relationships you actually desire!



  • When it comes to love and relationships, neither I nor you but everyone feels the walls that we can’t tear down or cross. The only thing we can do is be patient to keep the relationship going.

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