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Attachment Theory presents us with the idea of an avoidant attachment style for people that may struggle with connection and relationships. Are you looking to understand an avoidant attachment and recognise the signs to look out for in you and/or loved ones? In this video I am giving you the thoughts/feelings/behaviours to look out for. An avoidant attachment style can get in the way of deepening connection, relationships, and communication.

A person that is driven by avoidant patterns can be branded as the villain or the bad guy because on the outside it can seem like they do not care.

The truth is, this person has their own belief system and inner relationship template that “protects” them from getting too close.

We all know love is a risky game, and unfortunately many people have been burnt…and built up walls.

You might be here because you’ve noticed you are pushing love away, sabotaging a good thing, or attracting avoidant people into your life.

Whatever your reason, I want you to know, the only person that can heal their attachment wound is the person in question. No one can do it for you, and you cannot do it for them.

In this video, I am talking you through the typical signs of an anxious attachment style. If you relate to them, make sure you click HERE to receive my free course Attachment Styles: The NEXT Level

  • I look at triggers (such as any perceived threat to the relationship)
  • I look at thoughts (such as “I’m not good enough” or “What if they meet someone else?”) 
  • I look at emotions and sensations (such as despair and tight chest)
  • I look at behaviours (such as checking phones and seeking closeness)

If you would like to go deeper today into painting a picture of your own attachment style and relationship roadmap, I welcome you to watch my free 3-part course; Attachment Styles: The NEXT Level

Are you determined to take back your power and feel free from the insecurity, obsession, and anxiety of your attachment wounds?

Whether you have been overtaken by a relationship, highjacked by “the ick”, or keep attracting the same unavailable types; this course is designed to help go from lost in love to feeling safe, secure, & empowered – starting by understanding this current situation/person.

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