Keep Losing Yourself in Love? Here are 3 Behaviour Shifts to Take Your Power Back in Relationships

Posted on 12th Aug 2020 by

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Off the top of your head, what unhealthy behaviours do you participate in when you are trying to keep someone interested in you?

When I was stuck in the cycle of low self-worth, I was engaging in many toxic behaviours that were not only damaging my self-esteem, but keeping me involved with guys who were not meeting my needs both physically and emotionally, and to be perfectly honest, nor were they trying to.

It is not uncommon that when you are dating or in a relationship, a fear of rejection or abandonment will manifest in unhealthy behaviours.

You will see in the video; I am giving you three behaviours that I seriously urge you to give up – especially if you are serious about wanting a meaningful relationship or dating experience.

Emotional behaviours include the ways you try to keep or get your love interest to notice you. Maybe you always go to the restaurant they choose, or you travel to them every time, or you give them whatever they ask of you.

These actions not only complicate the relationship in the long run, but they will also weaken the most important relationship of all – the one with you!

Eventually you will begin to experience resentment, and that will usually present itself in even more toxic responses – like sulking, ignoring, shouting, withdrawing.

To recover from unhelpful behavioural patterns, you need to become aware of them, and then make the effort to quit them. When you dismiss your own values and needs in any relationship, you put an invisible strain on your happiness.

Each of these behaviours exist because you adopted them as a way to cope or keep your partner close, they are totally understandable – but that doesn’t mean you want to continue with them.

What you want in a relationship counts, and I know that paying attention to them can create a level of concern that this person will not stick around if you express them – and I can’t promise they will, but I hope you see that is not a bad thing.

You deserve a legendary, healthy, meaningful, and soulful relationship. It is going to be really hard to invite that in if you only direct your attention on the other person, forget about yourself, and do things that you do not want to do.

Check out the three behavioural shifts that I always check in around with my clients, and very quickly get to work on shifting.

You may find you struggle with one of them, or all of them and that is OK.

Also, I would LOVE to hear any tips that you have – what advice would you give to women who falls into these patterns? What behaviours are a big NO NO in your book? Let me know in the comments below!

If you can relate to doing, saying and being someone that is not true to who you are, because you are afraid of the reaction you will get from another person, then I am officially inviting you to attend my free workshop on 26th Aug 2020. .

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