Learn How Secure People Have the Life & Relationships of Their Dreams. This workshop includes core education and live practice.


Do you have an anxious and/or attachment Style?

If yes and you are here actively doing the inner work to heal the past and become more secure, it is likely you ask yourself these two questions in the video.

Popular advice tells you to “go inwards” and be with your feelings, and a popular question is “how long does it take to heal attachment wounds and become secure?”.

In this video, Carly Ann shares a clip from here podcast where Attachment Coach, Elizabeth Gillette answers these fascinating questions about attachment.


Do you have an anxious/avoidant attachment style and struggle to practice what you know?

If you have read the books, watched the videos, and you are still fed up of going round in circles, stopping & starting, & falling into old patterns, you are in the right place.

The Attachment Recovery Gym is the place where passionate souls that are healing attachment wounds come together to stretch & expand their capacity for: Happiness, Hope, & Healing.


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  • The healing process for insecure attachment wounds can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the severity and duration of the attachment trauma, the individual’s resilience and support network, and the therapeutic approach used to address the wounds.

    Some people may see significant progress in a matter of months, while for others, the healing process may take years. It’s important to remember that healing is not a linear process, and setbacks can occur even after progress has been made.

    However, research has shown that with the right support and interventions, individuals with insecure attachment wounds can experience significant healing and transformation. Therapeutic approaches such as attachment-based psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions have been shown to be effective in addressing attachment trauma and helping individuals develop more secure attachment styles.

    In addition to therapy, building a strong support network of trusted individuals and practicing self-care can also support the healing process. This can include activities such as exercise, meditation, and engaging in hobbies and interests that bring joy and fulfillment.

    Ultimately, the length of time it takes to heal insecure attachment wounds and develop a more secure attachment style will vary from person to person. It’s important to be patient with yourself and to seek out the support and resources that you need to facilitate the healing process.

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  • Healing insecure attachment wounds is a deeply personal journey that demands patience and self-compassion. While the process’s duration may vary for each individual, dedicating time and effort to self-reflection and seeking support can foster a path towards emotional security and inner peace.

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