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“We can become more secure in ourselves and learn to love and connect in very healthy ways” – Thais Gibson

For some people, dating and relationships can feel like the biggest issue in your life. I come across people every day, who feel like they have it together in most areas of their lives but when it comes to relationships they feel stuck and left behind.

Usually, if you are finding me, it’s because you see a pattern in your relationships…and it isn’t one you wish to continue.

You might be long-term single and seeing the same people come in and out of your life, you could be a serial dater that can’t seem to get past a few dates, or you are in a relationship and unable to feel safe & secure with your partner.

When there is a pattern showing up in your love life, we can almost certainly use Attachment Theory to form an understanding & gain some great insight into what is happening for you.

The video below outlines a life-changing (if you ask me) theory that can guide you on this mission to feeling more in control, powerful, and irreplaceable when it comes to your love life.

As you have heard, Attachment theory suggests that a child’s emotional and physical bond with their caregiver impacts their development and sense of security in the world. This influences whether you go on to develop a “secure attachment style” or “insecure attachment style” in your relationships.

When you feel insecure in relationships, it is fair to say you have the ability to act in ways that do not feel good, healthy, or graceful.

It will also impact how easy you find the process of letting go or dealing with rejection.

It really is a powerful theory that gives you an insight into your own inner roadmap for forming and maintaining relationships.

And the best part? It is not fixed. You can heal your insecurity, jealousy, unavailability.

What if I told you that love & dating does not have to be so difficult?

I know it feels impossible to make better choices when you are in the moment, but I am certain, with the information in this free course, you can begin to make significant shifts towards starting & keeping a healthy relationship.

There are steps you can take right now to reduce your chances of continuing on this same path. You have to be willing to stand up and commit to this healing process, once you agree to that, you will become unstoppable.

Say YES to yourself today and break yourself out of this anxious pattern.

If you would like to go deeper today into painting a picture of your own attachment style and relationship roadmap, I welcome you to watch my free 3-part course; Attachment Styles: The NEXT Level

Are you determined to take back your power and feel free from the insecurity, obsession, and anxiety of your attachment wounds?

Whether you have been overtaken by a relationship, highjacked by “the ick”, or keep attracting the same unavailable types; this course is designed to help go from lost in love to feeling safe, secure, & empowered – starting by understanding this current situation/person.

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