Learn How Secure People Have the Life & Relationships of Their Dreams. This workshop includes core education and live practice.


Do you have an anxious and/or avoidant attachment style? If yes, I totally understand the need and desire (+ desperation) to feel more balanced, secure, and available within your relationships.

Whether you are anxious about why your partner is late, preoccupied with the person you are messaging, or obsessed with an ex, it can be soul destroying when your anxious attachment flares up.

I (Carly Ann) teach six core skills that can help you overcome insecure attachment and move towards a secure attachment (you can download the skills HERE)

These are skills you deserved to learn as a child so that you could see yourself through to adulthood with a sense of self esteem.

I understand though, that telling you about skills is not enough. People want to know HOW to practice them and become more Secure.

In this week’s podcast/video I am sharing 5 habits that will support you to feel more secure. Incorporate these habits into your lifestyle and it is going to help you.

I really believe it, that’s why I am shouting about them… and running an online gym where you can practice them.


Do you have an anxious/avoidant attachment style and struggle to practice what you know?

If you have read the books, watched the videos, and you are still fed up of going round in circles, stopping & starting, & falling into old patterns, you are in the right place.

The Attachment Recovery Gym is the place where passionate souls that are healing attachment wounds come together to stretch & expand their capacity for: Happiness, Hope, & Healing.

This is the PERFECT compliment for therapy, coaching, and personal development.


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