3 Generous Pearls of Wisdom to Owning Your Scars, Your Story, & Your Vulnerabilities

Posted on 10th Feb 2021 by

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Do you struggle to find the balance between vulnerability and protecting yourself?

I ask because it is a common conflict many women encounter.

I hear you. Owning your past, your scars, & your insecurities can be hard. You are afraid people will judge, and leave.

But the truth is, taking ownership of your insecurities & vulnerabilities is the kind of bravery that is going to change your whole world. The bonus is that it is going to filter out the people who are not your people, & attract people who are on the same vibe as you.

I am determined to help other women experience a sense of shame and embarrassment regarding her past.

Too often I see people playing so small and making dating decisions based on a very distorted and negative opinion of themselves.

You hide your scars, afraid that people will run. You pretend you do not have needs so that you seem easy going. You surround yourself with people who only trigger your insecurities, and you get in a spiral of self-blame about how you feel and who you are.

Your past, your pain, and your truth cannot be erased – it can’t be. Trying to cover it up usually comes back to bite you in the ass!

This is your time to brave your truth, and find peace in your colourful past, your ‘flaws’, your mistakes, and where you have been.

Watch below for three pearls of wisdom on how you can stop hiding the parts of yourself that come with you.

I’m Carly Ann, I’m a Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach on a mission to help women go from insecure & anxious in love to becoming totally aware of how IRREPLACEABLE she is.

I am here to put an end to you feeling “too much”, “crazy”, and “needy” by giving you the inside scoop on why love can make you feel that way & provide you with what it really takes to build your self-worth.

Using my background in Psychology & my own personal experience I help women quit repeating the same toxic patterns in love so that you can feel complete by themselves, excited about their love life, and feel hopeful that their dream relationship is just around the corner!

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