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No Contact Rule is not meant for revengeful purposes or to hurt anyone in the process. This rule is for you, and your piece of mind. We all know that happiness is a choice, and through the NC Rule, you’re going to be making yourself happy and releasing yourself from the pain you’re going through

In a recent Q&A on my instagram I got asked for tips on how to go no contact when it feels impossible, in response I recorded a whole podcast episode (I’ve linked it below).

I’ve been helping people break free from unhealthy relationship patterns for years now and in this time I have become very familiar with when no contact might be the best thing for you.

To be honest, if you relate to one or more of the list, you likely need to take some space and focus on YOU (instead of this person). No contact is the ideal way to detox and come back home to yourself and your soul purpose.

Before you attempt to be friends or let them pop over on Friday night, check out the list below…

1) This is unrequited, it’s one sided and you’re hoping you can change their mind

2) You want a chance at a healthy relationship and you KNOW you need to end this now.

3) They call the shots – you try  but ultimately this relationship is running on their terms

4) They are hot & cold

5) You’re losing your mind over them and can barely focus on anything else

6) They lack respect, security, and trust

7) You feel high (you might call this “safe”) when with them or in contact but feel deserate/anxious when apart or out of contact.

8) You’ve lost your dignity (maybe even more than once)

9) They have told you in no uncertain terms that this is over

10) You’re sleeping with them and maybe even having dates but you want more

11) They are cheating on their partner with you

12) You’ve lost yourself

If you relate to one or more of these, it’s not going to be easy but it is going to be good for you!

Trust me I know how impossible it can feel to go no contact, if you want 5 tips on how to do this, have a listen to episode 119 of Lessons in  Attachment.


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I’m Carly Ann, if you’re brand new here – welcome! If you know me already – welcome back! I believe we all deserve a healthy love in our lifetime!

You can check out my Podcast by searching Lessons in attachment or come and find me on insta, my name is @carly.ann_

Carly Ann xx


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