Lessons in Regulating Your Emotions, Self-Soothing Your Anxiety, and Our Thoughts on Whether Love Can Come Back Around

Posted on 14th Sep 2021 by

Welcome! I am so pleased you are here, you have stumbled across a brilliant weekly episode of my podcast Lessons in Love. We are all wired for connection - that…

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Are You Stuck Between “The Chase” & “The Ick” when it Comes to Your Love Life? (Here’s why & 5 tips to break the pattern)

Posted on 14th Jul 2021 by

So, you are attracted to the unavailable, hot & cold, unreliable type? And find yourself turned off by the ones that like you, pay you compliments, and that are actually…

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The Red Flags to Look Out For if You Have Attachment or Relationship Wounds

Posted on 3rd Jul 2021 by

We have the obvious red flags, you’ve read about them & studied them.. you know them. Today's blog is for the person who continues to attract the same people anyway.…

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What if you turned your heartbreak & pain into the best thing for you?

Posted on 10th Jun 2021 by

Are you are done searching for ways to get your ex back? Have you decided that the best thing to do, is get yourself back? It is easy to get…

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If You Are Experiencing Unrequited Love or You Still Like Someone (even when they have moved on): You Need to Hear THIS…

Posted on 2nd Jun 2021 by

Trust me when I say I have a LOT of personal experience with unrequited loving, crushes, and having someone stuck on my mind. Liking someone who does not like you…

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How to Get Over Heartbreak & Come Back Home to Your SELF

Posted on 16th May 2021 by

Love can be one of the most amazing feeling and the most painful. When it throws you off, it can REALLY throw you off. And the truth is, some people…

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What Love is Not: Listen to a Relationship Expert’s Love Story & the Lessons in Love That Have Healed Heartbreak & Abandonment Wounds

Posted on 16th May 2021 by

You have just stumbled upon a community of women who experience anxiety, painful patterns, confusion, and insecurity when it comes to dating, love, & relationships. Have you ever lost yourself…

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Mini Training: 4 Signs That You Are Not Available for The Available Relationship You Say You Want

Posted on 31st Mar 2021 by

Four signs that you are not available for the available relationship you say you want  You say you are ready for love. However, you are in a familiar pattern...You date…

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