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Learning To Love Yourself

My online Courses are available to you wherever you are in the world. Whatever stage you are of your Happiness & Self-Love journey, I have created something special to help you learn, grow and love yourself even more.

Loving Yourself Through Tough Times; My 3 Part Downloadable Audio Course

I know sometimes you feel broken and like you can’t take another hit; life is hard. The last thing you need during those times is that mean voice in your head telling you how rubbish you are and what a terrible job you are doing at life. All that voice will do for you is send you in a downward spiral.

There is another way. Whilst I can’t take away the pain or stop life doing what it does, I can give you the basic skills to help you get through those times. Whether that means feeling a bit better or a complete turn around.

As well as delivering workshops on Building Self-Compassion, I have prioritised it in my own life – that’s how I know this works.

Self-Compassion plays a key role in creating a calmer, happier life for you. Too many people are stuck in a vicious cycle of negative thoughts and feeling stuck. Enough is Enough, now is the time to make the shift you have been considering for so long. You are ready to learn the core skills needed to master your inner critic, offer yourself kindness when you need it and perhaps most importantly; become the person you are supposed to be.

This three-part Audio Course is all about discovering your inner best friend and giving you the power to cope and/or let go of life’s challenges. This is about taking control of your mind-set and supporting yourself through tough times.

How Does it Work?

My Facebook Community requested an audio course so that’s what I have created.

I know we all have different learning styles so I have designed this to suit you. You can download each session and listen to them as you please; if you prefer to listen to all three in one go and then go back and practice the tools, you can. If you would rather listen to one session at a time and master those tools before moving on to the next, you can.

The only thing I ask is that you do practice the tools. Listening to this course will expand your knowledge and that can have a positive impact on our problems, but practicing the tools is what will really change your life.

Who is This For?

Anyone who is fed up of playing small and feeling controlled by that negative voice inside your head.

Self-Compassion should be taught in schools, it is a way of life for everyone. Everyone deserves happiness and kindness. I don’t want you to be rules by that mean voice anymore, I want you to learn to be the master of your mind. If you are ready to make that shift, I am ready to help.

The Learning to Love Yourself Academy

12 Weeks of Getting to know yourself, learning how to accept yourself and creating the life you are ready for. This is for you is:

It’s true that you are your own biggest critic.

“I’m useless”

“everyone else has it better”

“who do I think I am”

“I am such an idiot”

“everyone else has it better”

“who do I think I am”

“I am such an idiot”

Does this sound familiar to you? IF you answered yes, I want you to know, I have been there. In fact, I still find myself there. The difference is, those thoughts don’t have control over me now. I catch them quicker and I divert my attention to the things that lift me up and make me feel happy.

Throughout my ‘Learning to Love Yourself’ Online Course, I will be your biggest cheerleader! But not for long, I will train you to take over that role and be your own cheerleader (then I will be your second best cheerleader ;)).

I will help you develop compassion towards yourself and work towards your dream future. Your harsh inner critic no longer gets to run the show or make the decisions of how to live your life.

This course has a beautiful ripple effect. As you Learn to Love Yourself, you will desire the healthiest relationships, know your worth, get out of your comfort zone, make that call, say no to your boss and move out of your won way.

You Will Learn:

Transform your mind-set, self-esteem and happiness today

What is Included:

“Actually learning to love myself was the best part. I really feel I am beginning to do this which is great. A real shift in mind-set for me”
– Lovely LTLY Graduate

“I enjoyed the different ideas and strategies Carly gives you to help find what works for you”
– Lovely LTLY Graduate

“Carly makes it fun with a lot of experiences of her own. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of it and it is just what I needed at the time”
– Lovely LTLY Graduate

“I have learned self-acceptance and putting myself first is very important” – Lovely LTLY Graduate

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Training you to become your own biggest cheerleader