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It’s your turn to become the leader of your love life by fully activating the worthy, secure, and confident woman you are inside.

Are your ready to feel fully IRREPLACEABLE?

“…being happy and fulfilled is probably one of the most attractive traits you can offer a partner.”

Every day I talk to women who have had enough of the pain that is involved with relationships. Deep down they know it is not supposed to be so consuming, so anxiety provoking, so confusing, and so damn hard.

Of course, no relationship is easy, but when you are someone who is insecure, attracted to mr unavailable, and/or have a deep fear of abandonment, it can get really tricky.

You are left feeling “crazy”, a bit broken, so confused, guilty, and stuck in the past.

You are thinking constantly about your relationship, what could have been, time running out, how to get someone back, what you have done wrong, and why you are not as lucky or as good as others in love.

You act out of control, like this person is the last one Earth, as though your needs are not important, like you don’t know what you are doing, and as if you don’t have anything else going for you in this life.

When it comes to relationships, people can call you “crazy” and “needy” all they want. I can only guess some people don’t know how crazy it feels when you are totally and utterly highjacked by intense emotion (fear, jealousy, loneliness) and you feel pulled towards the habits & people that you know do not serve you well anymore.

I get it. That is why I am here to help you save yourself. This is not the only way to live. There are very real reasons why you are in this position, but you do not have to stay here.

The question is: are you willing to save yourself? because BEFORE you save this relationship, or another person, you must save yourself – then and only then will you have what you desire.

It is my deepest mission to help women make the same transitions I have: to quit letting past trauma & messed up experiences of love stop you from having your love, to stop letting an inferiority complex get in the way of your confidence, to walk away from unavailable relationships so that you can come back to yourself and your purpose in this world.

I am determined to help you realise that you CAN transform your mindset, confidence, and ability to handle the toughest of emotions (fear, guilt, rejection, & loneliness) – no matter how impossible it feels. You CAN go from insecure to totally IRREPLACEABLE.

Who I work with

I work with women who are serious about their desire for a healthy, happy, & secure relationship – that means your relationship with love interests, other significant relationships, and especially about the relationship with yourself.

I work with women who are willing to face their fears with me by their side. Fears hold are holding you back. They keep you single, they keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships, they force you to push people away, and they stop you from having the most divine relationship with yourself.

I work with women who are ready to invest in themselves. To date, I made my greatest transformation (breaking the cycle of an anxious attachment style) because I was willing to do what it takes. That means you are going to use the skills I give you, listen to the podcasts I recommend, complete the inner child meditation I send you.

I work with women who have had enough and believe in personal growth. I know that sometimes you question if change is possible, especially when love and heartache are involved, but when you reach the wall and are ready to knock it down and get to the other side – I’m here. Any woman can develop the skills to connect and have relationships from a place of pure security, inner self-worth, and absolute certainty of what a healthy relationship looks like.

I work with insecure women who are going to become secure. Using my very own SECURE Formula which is a 6 step process that will take you from the pain you are in to experiencing deep happiness that only comes when you master your relationship issues with yourself, others, and love.

I help women overcome self-doubt, anxious attachment, insecurity to feeling IRREPLACEABLE in their life & relationships.

This IS your time to walk the path that leads you to a soulful, genuine, and equal relationship – just as you deserve.

Whether you are stuck on your ex, become insecure as soon as you like someone, lack self-esteem, struggle to believe there is someone out there for you, or have had enough of relying on someone else to validate your worth, my unique SECURE Formula is a six-step process that is going to help you improve your choices in love and help you become the strongest and most secure version of yourself – You are IRREPLACEABLE – it’s time to feel it & embody it.

In this sacred space, you will find the confidence to pursue what your heart so deeply and finally begin your healing process from what has been holding you back! Together we dive deep into clearing the blocks that lead you back to old, hurtful habit and make beautiful space to for you to begin living as your truest self.

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  • Hold on to ex partners & relationships that never got started
  • Spend more time living a fantasy than in reality
  • Fall in love fast & hard
  • Have an intense need to be close to your love interests
  • Don’t know why you keep ending up in this situation
  • Always blame yourself & overthink the shoulda woulda couldas
  • Wish you could walk away with your head held high knowing you are IRREPLACEABLE.

What if I told you there is a sure fire way to move you out of this cycle?

The women I have the privilege of working with are at a crucial stage in their life where they are so ready to walk away from unhealthy relationships, and be able to enjoy their own company.

At the moment, you may feel like change is impossible and each time you try, you find yourself back repeating the same emotional behaviours over and over!

Other people can tell you “to get over it” and “let it go” but as I know all too well, seeking love and approval can feel like an addition; you know what is good for you but the pull back is one of the strongest feelings you know to be real.

I know that when you are in it, it can feel impossible to break free of destructive habits. I know this because it used to be me; Putting all my focus on one available guy and totally losing myself in the process.

Well guess what? I did break free, and now I am here to help you do the same.

Your coaching space with me is supportive, honest, raw & sacred. Together, we dive into the roots of what is holding you back and keeping you drawn to old paths that are not serving you. We will explore what you need and how you can begin to live your life from a place of what truly sets your soul on fire.

My mission is to guide you from ‘I am not enough’ to ‘I am enough’. You will become the woman who handles her emotions with grace, holds herself with confidence, and has no shame in being her true self.

From our time together, you will feel what it is like to be free from self-rejection and well on your way to unleashing the wild woman this is within you.

Work With Me

My purpose is to work with those of you that are on the edge of change and who are truly ready to create MASSIVE shifts. You are up-leveling your relationships and your whole vibe, I am here to be your friend, mentor, coach and greatest cheerleader!

Your healing, your current internal map, and your view on the world are unique to you. Our coaching together will help you take a step back and gain the ability to identify where the current blocks are, and so you can join the dots between your past, present, and future.

Your coaching sessions will vary. I use a range of approaches. We will share conversation, coaching, visualising (or mental rehearsal), healing, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, self-compassion focused therapy. (more details below).

Between your sessions you will have access to me via voxer app as I know there are times between sessions you need that guidance, and that is important!

Your Transformation

You will:

★ Heal your wounded love & attachment style
★ Reframe the negative core beliefs you hold about relationships & yourself
★ Grow your self-worth in all areas of your life
★ Working through unconscious shame & guilt that the currently stops you having your own needs met
★ Learn how to staying in control when triggered by managing your emotions with grace and sophistication
★ Overcoming the unconscious self-preservation instinct that we call self-sabotage
★ Unleashing the power that is born when you finally connect with your feminine self
★ The ability to love yourself and get immense joy from your own company

Your Role:

When you expand the image & belief you have in your abilities – anything is possible! Passion, drive & desire is going to lead you. Investing, consistency and persistence will change you!

In order to truly move towards your dreams you have to be willing to experience discomfort. To challenge your negative beliefs, learn to step outside of your comfort zone and take responsibility for leading your own life.

My 1:1 coaching & mentorship is right here to give you the psychological skills & tools you need to access your full potential, and you have to be the one to step up!

I work with dedicated women ready to  fully commit to their true self, inner fire and be willing to invest in themselves, growth and dreams.

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What is Included?

When it comes to which shifts you are about to embark on, it really does depend on where you are. Some of you will be at the very beginning of of breaking a cycle of toxic patterns, and others will have been doing the work and ready to go deeper or remove some of the most stubborn blocks.

All the work will be linked to helping you to shift the current image you have of yourself; this is how we will boost you confidence and self-esteem. There are many tools (too many to list here) that can be used during our time together, I will get a feel from what works for you, as well as what you need very early on (it’s a natural strength mixed with the fact I’ve been doing this work for 12 years).

I know you have tried everything, and wondered if change is even possible for you, but it really is! Yes, it is a tough transition but once you make the commitment to yourself, it is so worth it.

I will guide you to feel secure, relieved, excited and strong as you appreciate that you CAN change how you show up in love, and take control of how you want to live your life.

You will see your shifts in the moments when you don’t reach out first, or you enjoy a day date ALONE, or when your best friend tells you they are engaged and you feel genuine happiness for them.

If you are serious about making serious changes in your life and relationships then book in your free discovery with Carly Ann today!