“Carly is extremely knowledgeable, fun, down to earth, and takes the time to understand you and your situation. What sets her apart from other coaches is her ability to word things in a way which hits home on a consistent basis” CLIENT FEEDBACK


90 Days to Rediscovering Yourself 


90 Days to Rediscovering YourSELF is a private container where you can work directly with Carly Ann on your individual struggles with self-esteem & relationships.

Using a unique whole body approach to healing, Carly Ann is able to help you pin-point what is creating the same patterns of heart-break, self-sabotage, and attracting unavailable partners.

With this personalised knowledge:

You can identify the red & green flags YOU need to be aware of

You can recognise the steps YOU need to take to attract someone who is available

You can learn specific methods YOU need in order to heal old wounds and retrain your attachment system for better relationships







Using a unique intuitive & whole body approach, I work with women in just 90 Days to provide simple steps & deeper healing methods to help you eliminate insecurity, anxiety, & self-sabotaging patterns in your love life.


This 1:1 package has be designed for women who:


Keep meeting emotionally unavailable partners over and over

Knows is getting in the way of you enjoying the relationship or time alone

Are fixated on an ex, crush, or someone you can’t have

Are confused by red flags, standards, and setting boundaries

Have low self-esteem in dating & relationships

Constantly worry about being alone & feel like everyone else is settling down

Have read the books & know it is time to go deeper with someone you can trust



Are you ready to spend some time figuring out who you are?

It is 100% possible to go from insecure, anxious, and losing yourself in love to feeling confident, calm, and empowered when it comes to dating and choosing the right relationship.





Relationships and dating does not need to be so confusing & painful.


My role in this process is to support you to regain your worth, your dignity, and your sense of power through coaching, teaching, asking, guiding, and listening.


Ultimately I know what it takes to TRULY recover from insecure attachment and relationship anxiety, and I can tell you it is more than self-love.


The secret is in healing.

  1. Healing the part of you that chooses painful, sabotaging habits in love
  2. Healing the part of you that is still holding on to a heartbreak, an ex or a crush
  3. Healing the part of you that does not know your value or your worth
  4. Healing your HURT SELF (this will make sense the more you work with me).


The women who are a “hell yes” to beginning their healing journey are usually at place where they feel pretty “desperate” (I don’t love that word but it describes the feeling well) or they are in a place where they are fully ready to go to the shadows and break these painful cycles once and for all.


I’m excited our paths have crossed because I’ve been where you are, and I know the potential that lives inside if you. are you ready to discover her?

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90 Days To Re-discovering Your SELF Looks Like:


Inside a 1:1 Container you are given direct guidance, teaching, and deeply personal healing methods to support you in your transformation.

When working together, I help my client experience huge shifts in their relationships, beginning with the learning to love themselves in a brand new way.


You will be given access to:

– Private coaching sessions (on zoom)

– Self-Study Program that works alongside our private sessions  (it has trainings, resources, and psychological tools for you to dive into)

– Voxer which is an app like WhatsApp where you can message Carly Ann

– Access to one group coaching program that Carly Ann runs in the year




They have had the life-changing realisation that your life & happiness, & future is in your hands.

They have been trying to solve the mystery between wanting chemistry & wanting someone available

They want to know the key to not finding available guys “boring” or “too nice”

They want a break from dating so they can fully focus on themselves

They want guidance and support to navigate through the rollercoaster of a new relationship

They are totally varied in age, it is never to early or too late to do the work

They want to know whether to keep dating this person or end it

They are hooked on an ex/crush/love interest & they are TRULY ready to feel free from this hook

They want to make it past date number 2

They want to be appreciated and to stop feeling used for sex & as a temporary girlfriend

They want to feel worthy and attract someone who truly sees why they are

They have ALMOST lost hope in love – but something inside of them knows this isn’t about love, this is about your relationship with love.

They attract unavailable relationships over & over again

They have been trying to spot the red flags & failing

They struggle to navigate early stages of dating & wind up overthinking & analysing every move



Why Work With Me

I know, there are plenty of love coaches out there offering you the chance to meet your soul mate and quick fixes, I actually love a lot of that work and am here for it!

Hooowever, I have done it all myself (I can assure you I am my very first client), and I know what was missing from a lot of the work.

I use a WHOLE BODY (Mind, Body, Soul/Abundance) approach to help you break out of this cycle.

I am here for the long term change.

I am here to guide you whilst holding space for you as you reach this new found place of freedom.

My goal here is to support you in freeing yourSELF from old patterns using a pure combination of mind-set, intuition, inner-child healing, and psychology.

We work together practically, giving you methods that are designed to help you know your worth on a level that makes being single, dating, and relationships feel so much easier than they have up until this point.


If you want your future relationships to be different to what you have experienced so far – you need to connect with your SELF in a way you haven’t done before.

Why 90 Days?

Because this is long enough to see real transformation, and short enough that you can count on experiencing the shifts soon.


How many sessions will we work together for?

For the 90Days to Re-discovering Yourself Program you will have 9 1:1 sessions.

That said, there are other options which we will discuss on our call because I’ve had it where a client just needs one deep clarity session ti see her through a current situation.


What is the cost of investment?

You will need to be in a place where you are willing to put yourSELF first and commit to you. 90 Days to Rediscovering Yourself is £1498 (payment plans are available).

1:1 Coaching ranges from £500-£1498

This is a commitment to yourself.

If you do not feel able to make this kind of shift right now, perhaps check out my membership HERE


Do I need to be single?

Whilst most of my client’s do tend to be single at the time of working together, it is not at all mandatory. A lot of healing & learning happens whilst you are in a relationships, especially those early days, so I highly recommend a coach whether you are single or in a relationship.


Can you tell me more about ’90 Days to Rediscovering yourSELF?

This is my most popular option for working with me 1:1. It includes bespoke private sessions, a self-study program, access to message Carly Ann, and access to one group coaching course.

Like I say, book your call with me so we can meet you where you are! For those of you that are ready to go all in on your journey to heal, transform, and change your relationships – this is an incredible option that combines exactly what you need to break the cycle of painful patterns in self-esteem, dating, & love.