I am here to help people who lose themselves in love. The reason you have this person on a pedestal is that you are undervaluing yourself.

I know the situation. For the most part, and from the outside, life is good. You are high achieving, have great friends, a maybe even have a few hobbies to keep you occupied, yet when it comes to love, you still find yourself in the same painful patterns over & over again.

Whether you are struggling to let go of that person (physically & mentally), you feel insecure in your relationship, lost your dignity, or you are struggling with being single – You can break free from this cycle.

My approach is different from other relationship coaches who promise you your soulmate or dream relationship.

I start with you. We will get you excited about your love life from a completed state of feeling worthy, enough, and loveable!

It means you won’t have such a strong fear of rejection, being cheated on, the ex GF, or not meeting anyone.

Together, we will take you from feeling needy, unsatisfied, and insecure to owning a clear sense of self, feeling fully worthy & in touch with the irreplaceable woman you are. The ripple effect, is healthier relationships.


I meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be. What we do in your sessions depends on your current self-esteem, how addicted to your love interest you feel, and how committed you are to your SELF.

I can promise you this; everything you need is inside of you. We just have to get honest, access your sense of self, make your pain/wounds your power, and fully open your heart.

Working with me one-to-one is a different experience to my coaching programs. I have been coaching people to change their lives for over ten years, in the first hour of talking to you I can visualise what is going to help you through this phase. There will be a mix of coaching, teaching, embodiment practices, and much much more.

I have created three packages to work with me. Have a look at which ones suit you and then take the next step. The prices, length, and intensity vary according to the level of commitment & need. For more information about my signature 1:1 program DEACTIVATE; CLICK HERE

Here is a breakdown of how we can work together:


90 Days is going to give you a true representation of what it really takes to let go, make room for the new, & embody your true sense of self.

The Celebration we will throw on day 90 is going to get you through.



Let’s dive into what is really happening, and create an actionable plan for you to move through this current chapter with understanding, ease & grace.

Whether you know your exact problem, or feel overwhelmed & stuck, this is a safe space for you to gain more clarity, and seek the answers you are looking for.

  • 90 Minutes
  • Zoom (audio or video)

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity for self-exploration and a deeper transformation than we can get alone. I’ll ask the questions, and you will experience the answer. You will be given guidance and tools specific to your needs, and a follow-up email a week later.



Being stuck on an ex, feeling second best in your relationship, and repeating self-sabotaging behaviours are just a snippet of the problems you might be experiencing.

I know all too well how devastating it is to find yourself in a position that leaves you questioning your worth and wondering if things will ever change.

Your patterns are often unconscious, automatic responses that you learned a long time ago. Now, they run your love life.

You must understand,  the reason you keep finding yourself back here is because these patterns have a life of their own when not attended to. The pull back to destruction is a force like no other.

That’s not to say though, that you can’t beat the pull. I wholeheartedly believe you can overcome the toxic ties that are standing in the way of you and self-control.

Every day I am helping people to overcome heartache, to quit hating themselves, put an end to the self-sabotage, and finally let go of that ‘love’ you can’t stop thinking about.

There is SO much more out there for you, you just have to allow yourself to consider it, that is the first step.

I know it might appear like you have your s**t together, and I know you feel like you understand your patterns, which is why you have to ask yourself.. Why are you back here again?

I can tell you it is because we are creatures of habit, you can consider this to be like a drug. Your old patterns are more seductive than you even realise, as much as we hate them, we still go back to them.

It could be thinking non-stop about the unavailable person you are convinced is “the one”, it might be constantly checking their social, or it might be avoiding any conversation that makes you feel vulnerable.

Your patterns will be specific to you, but I can tell you this, whether you are in a relationship or not, this pattern is cheating you out of the kind of love you deserve.

You can change your habits, it is kind of like following a recipe, you have to be pretty committed, there will be some parts of the process you want to skip, but it isn’t recommended. There are things you can do to fit the process to your taste a little more though, with my guidance we will find a way to break this habit in a way that is as comfortable as possible.


It is likely you are aware that there is another, happier way to think about relationships. But perhaps you find it impossible to convince yourself that you can have a satisfying relationship too.

I can’t sugarcoat it. Most of the women I work with do have an unhelpful mind-set when it comes to dating, love, being single, and rejection.

Most of you have your s**t together actually in most areas of your life. And then when it comes to love, you lose yourself (if you haven’t lost yourself already).

Not only does that mean you feel miserable or ‘flat’ when you are alone, but it means you mostly bring anxiety & insecurity to your relationships.

I can’t change your past, I can’t take away your pain, and I can’t make you love interest do anything they don’t want to, but I do have some good news; right now, you have the power to break free from the patterns that are causing you pain. 

Here are some examples of typical patterns my clients find themselves in (& that I am familiar with too!):


I work with women who are willing to face their fears with me by their side. Fears hold are holding you back. They keep you single, they keep you stuck in unhealthy relationships, they force you to push people away, and they stop you from having the most divine relationship with yourself.

I work with women who are ready to invest in themselves. To date, I made my greatest transformation (breaking the cycle of an anxious attachment style) because I was willing to do what it takes. That means you are going to use the skills I give you, listen to the podcasts I recommend, complete the inner child meditation I send you.

I work with women who have had enough and believe in personal growth. I know that sometimes you question if change is possible, especially when love and heartache are involved, but when you reach the wall and are ready to knock it down and get to the other side – I’m here. Any woman can develop the skills to connect and have relationships from a place of pure security, inner self-worth, and absolute certainty of what a healthy relationship looks like. 

The people I have the privilege of working with are at a crucial stage in their life where they are so ready to walk away from unhealthy relationships, and be able to enjoy their own company.

At the moment, you may feel like change is impossible and each time you try, you find yourself back repeating the same emotional behaviours over and over!

Other people can tell you “to get over it” and “let it go” but as I know all too well, seeking love and approval can feel like an addition; you know what is good for you but the pull back is one of the strongest feelings you know to be real.

I know that when you are in it, it can feel impossible to break free of destructive habits. I know this because it used to be me; putting all my focus on one available guy and totally losing myself in the process.

The way back to myself has been one heck of a journey, and it is one I am still on today. I have learned that we don’t have to know it all, and we don’t have to get it right every time.

The secret is in learning to value yourself, learning the real are of letting go, learning how to get back up after a fall, and learning how to create something bigger from your pain.

Your coaching space with me is supportive, honest, raw & sacred. Together, we dive into the roots of what is holding you back and keeping you drawn to old paths that are not serving you. We will explore what you need and how you can begin to live your life from a place of what truly sets your soul on fire.

My mission is to guide you from ‘I am not enough’ to ‘I am enough’. You will become the woman who handles her emotions with grace, holds herself with confidence, and has no shame in being her true self.

From our time together, you will feel what it is like to be free from self-rejection and well on your way to unleashing the most secure version of you.


You will:

★ Understand how your wounds are blocking you
★ Reframe the negative core beliefs you hold about relationships & yourself
★ Grow your self-worth in all areas of your life
★ Working through unconscious shame & guilt that the currently stops you having your own needs met
★ Learn how to staying in control when triggered by managing your emotions with grace and sophistication
★ Overcoming the unconscious self-preservation instinct that we call self-sabotage
★ Unleashing the power that is born when you finally connect with your feminine self
★ The ability to love yourself and get immense joy from your own company

Your Role:

When you expand the image & belief you have in your abilities – anything is possible! Passion, drive & desire is going to lead you. Investing, consistency and persistence will change you!

In order to truly move towards your dreams you have to be willing to experience discomfort. To challenge your negative beliefs, learn to step outside of your comfort zone and take responsibility for leading your own life.

My 1:1 coaching & mentorship is right here to give you the psychological skills & tools you need to access your full potential, and you have to be the one to step up!

I work with dedicated women ready to  fully commit to their true self, inner fire and be willing to invest in themselves, growth and dreams.