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There is a Brene Brown Quote where she says: “Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” 

Your unhealed wounds are often not visible, but they are very much present. They show up in the way you cheat yourself out of love, they are leading the way when you decide not to tell your lover what you need, and they are the voice that tells you “you can’t”.

Some wounds may never come to light, perhaps too painful to ever face or simply forgotten as a form of protection. But then there are the ones that are ready to be faced, there are some that are asking to be your greatest leader, your ultimate power.

We have all experienced varying degrees of pain in our lives. It’s definitely a natural experience, but that does not make this moment in time any easier on you, right?

It is so hard when your pain feels like it controls you.

As you are here reading this, I know it has reached a stage where you are ready to explore moving on. Let me teach you how to facilitate this so that you can move through this with grace, compassion, and inner growth you didn’t know you are capable of.

Watch this video to hear from me, go a bit deeper and hear my 3 tips on how you can make your pain your power:

It is often a rock bottom or a painful wake-up call that forces us to come face to face with our wounds. We are faced with the decision to keep going on the same, reckless path, or we make a choice to take back our power. 

This is the choice to become the leader of our lives, to reconnect with our truest self, and once and for all to offer ourselves the very compassion that it takes to heal our wounds in the first place.

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FREE WORKSHOP: Truth About Letting Go, How to Stop Feeling Replaceable, & Tools to Deactivate when Emotion Hijacks Your Mind, Body, & Soul

The more you take care of the parts that feel a little broken (note: you are not actually broken!), the more chance you have of embracing your vulnerabilities.

It is from this space, you will release the shame about who you are, and finally, allow yourself to be who you already are inside.

3 Tips to overcome heartbreak & wounds so that you can take back your power:  

  1. Own your story: there is no way around it. Your past is your past and it isn’t going anywhere. No amount of letting go will change that. We feel shame & embarrassment about our past, and rather than confront it, too often you will let it own you, and it will find ways to come out and get in the way of your relationships. You have to own who you are and that includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. You are only able to have a strong, secure relationship if you learn how to carry your baggage so it isn’t so heavy. Allow yourself to be seen and be with someone who wants to see you. 
  1. Get a coach or therapist: Doing this work on your own is incredible and I am not taking that away. That is way better than not doing it at all. But as a coach myself and as someone who invests in both coaching & therapy, I truly believe if you can, then do. You will make connections & gain an understanding that you otherwise wouldn’t. For those of you where this pattern is particularly stubborn, it’s time to admit it’s OK to get help. And I know you might not think you are worth that investment (in time & energy too), but you are, and that is as simple as that.
  1. Refocus your energy: make this the best thing that ever happened to you. One of my proudest moments is when I am able to work with people to create the breakthrough moment of fully letting go, because they realise the absolute power of their pain. To choose to take the pain and the energy from it and decide this will not be for nothing. I believe as humans we are all supposed to experience pain, but I don’t believe it is supposed to be for nothing. It is our greatest teacher if we allow it, and that includes heartbreak, making mistakes, and loss.

Your wounds are your power!

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Carly Ann xx

I’m Carly Ann, I’m a Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach on a mission to help women go from insecure & anxious in love to becoming totally aware of how IRREPLACEABLE she is.

I am here to put an end to you feeling “too much”, “crazy”, and “needy” by giving you the inside scoop on why love can make you feel that way & provide you with what it really takes to build your self-worth.

Using my background in Psychology & my own personal experience I help women quit repeating the same toxic patterns in love so that you can feel complete by themselves, excited about their love life, and feel hopeful that their dream relationship is just around the corner!

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