Prone to Overthinking and Worrying? Try These Techniques to Help

Posted on 24th Jun 2018 by

When you find yourself stuck in a thought cycle, perhaps worrying about something in the future or dwelling on something from the past, it can very quickly spiral; leading to upset, anxiety, and distress...

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When Life is Harsh: This Friend’s Star Helps me Through

Posted on 13th May 2018 by

We’ve all been in a situation where life doesn’t go the way we hoped. My friend and I have a saying for each other when we find ourselves in this position, which is…

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Develop a Happier Mindset in 7 Steps

Posted on 4th May 2018 by

Inevitably, a negative mindset is limiting and can lead to unhappiness. It’s the negative beliefs that stop us going for that dream job, being in a healthy relationship or starting that project we’ve been thinking about for years. The good news, is that despite how it might sound, these thoughts and beliefs are not set in stone and can be changed....

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