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Over on my Instagram I hold regular Q&As. Recently I got asked a question that has inspired me to share a specific framework with you.

This element is what I work through with clients when we focus on self-esteem. So, say they come to me wanting to unlock their self-worth for better relationships – we will spend some time focusing on what we call “Rules For Living”.

Rules for living are a set of ideas and policies a person creates in order to get by in life when they lack self-esteem and have a very loud inner critic. These rules give you guidelines to follow and attempt to keep you safe from feeling not enough.

The issue with these rules, is they can become rigid, out of date, and keep you stuck in painful patterns, relationships, and situations.

For example, if I had a rule for living that was “I must be in a relationship to prove I am good enough & loved” – this drives me to stay in unhappy relationships, chase people who do not see me, or settle with anyone just so I can maintain my rule.

Whilst the rule may keep the “not enough” feeling at bay, it often comes at a very price.

Want to know more and hear what steps you can take to begin adjusting your own rules for living?

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There is a space right here on the internet that is made for women who tend to lose themselves & repeat the same painful patterns in love over and over.

The Community Space here is called “Follow Your Fire” – and there is so much inside to enhance your healing & development journey.

I know the women who need it will find their way here some how – and I’m hoping this course is the spark you needed to ignite this fire in you.

Choosing unavailable relationships, experiencing intense anxiety in dating, and feeling like you’ve forgotten your self-worth is feeling many of us are familiar with… but we don’t talk about it.

Afraid of feeling too much, jealous, insecure or crazy. Well guess what, I have created a space where you can heal as a collective! (Community supports the healing process).

For those of you that feel a sense of desperation to let go, get someone back, or break this painful pattern – Follow Your Fire is corner of the internet created just for you.

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