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I know how it goes, you weren’t that interested and then suddenly you were very interested. The anxiety has started to kick in, you can’t stop thinking about the person, you slowly convince yourself this is all going terribly wrong, and you are looking for every sign… You are losing yourself in love.

It is at this stage you are at risk of lowering your standards , scrapping the boundaries , forgetting “the work” you’ve done, repeating old patterns , self-sabotaging, pushing them away, making every conversation about this situation, forgetting about the things that light you up and make you, you. You are forgetting what you bring to the table and how irreplaceable you are.

In this week’s video, I am giving you five tips to help you bring the joy back to the early dating stages, when you are used to losing yourself in love.

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Carly Ann is a Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach, Podcaster, and Recovering Anxious Dater who is passionate about helping other women reclaim their worth in life & love.

Determined to put an end to you feeling ‘too much’, ‘crazy’, or ‘needy’ by giving you the inside scoop on why love makes you feel that way and how you can break free from people who enhance your insecurities.

Whether it is through her Podcast (Lessons in Love), free workshops, or private coaching, Carly Ann helps you go from insecure, anxious, and losing yourself in love, to feeling complete by yourself, totally irreplaceable, and standing in your power as the leader of your love life.

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