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Hello! I’m a Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach, I have over ten years of experience in coaching & mental health, so you are in the right place if you are hoping to crack that little thing we call motivation!!

It is disheartening when with all the best intentions in the world, you start to lose the motivation & drive to keep up with your new habit. Whether your old habit seems irresistible or the new habit is losing its appeal, it is a normal experience to see a dip in your motivation, it does not mean you don’t want this!

I figured there is no greater time than the first week of January to talk to you about those inevitable moments when motivation dips.

One of the key areas, I am to help all of my clients with is self-motivation. Why? Because it plays such a vital role in you creating the life that lights you up. It is crucial for your love life, your happiness, your self-esteem, and being able to handle those hard emotions.

Usually, without regular practice & skills, it doesn’t take too long before we begin to drop the ball on our ideas, goals & visions that we set ourselves.

There are several reasons for this, but at the core, it is that we don’t know what it really takes to create long lasting change. You see to make these shifts at a level that actually leads to your outside world catching up, it requires you to go a bit deeper, and to make sure your unconscious powers know your plans, because trust me, if they don’t…they will come after you with force.

It is important you know this because the alternative makes for a very miserable time. You blame yourself, hate yourself, and if anything like I used to be, you call yourself every nasty profanity under the sun. This only leads to you feeling totally s**t about yourself, and giving up altogether on the idea that you could indeed live life as you had envisioned before the cracks started to show and the motivation began to dip.

Some of you will give up as soon as you feel the shift in motivation, some of you will continue to white knuckle it a bit longer, and some of you might even carry on but feel totally miserable in the process, holding on to the hope that life will magically get better when you reach your destination.

Whether you have set a goal to stop snapping at your partner, to exercise more, to quit sleeping with this person, to go on more dates, or to read ten pages a day – you have to remember you are a human, and change is a process…a bumpy road that won’t follow the path you want to, and it won’t feel or be as easy as you keep wishing it would.

For any time you want to make a change in your life, I would recommend you remember these 3 points:

  1. Check in and ask yourself: Is this something you really want? We are less likely to stick to something that is unattractive to us, and simply a ‘tick-box’ or an “I should”. real satisfaction comes when you let go of shame, guilt, and who you think you SHOULD be.
  2. Quit waiting to FEEL it: Your old patterns, ego, and inner critic are going to make you believe you can’t do this, and you don’t want it. You need to understand, the best way to get through this and bring motivation back, is to take action anyway.
  3. Let Go of the outcome: Let go of trying to control this area of your life. Often we stop ourselves in our tracks because we don’t know how this will turn out, you feel too uncertain. Trust yourself, trust this is worth the uncertainty. Motivation won’t just stick around, you can’t let motivation control your life & your love life. If this is what you truly want, move towards it.

There are more details in the video if you want to hear more 🙂

Remember; you are enough, you are loveable, and you are so so worthy!!

I’m Carly Ann, I’m a Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach on a mission to help women go from insecure & anxious in love to becoming totally aware of how IRREPLACEABLE she is.

I am here to put an end to you feeling “too much”, “crazy”, and “needy” by giving you the inside scoop on why love can make you feel that way & provide you with what it really takes to build your self-worth.

Using my background in Psychology & my own personal experience I help women quit repeating the same toxic patterns in love so that you can feel complete by themselves, excited about their love life, and feel hopeful that their dream relationship is just around the corner!

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