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Baker, Smiley, happy, optimistic, lover of cooking and Optimus (Selasi's motorbike). Former GBBO contestant.

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“Be humble and never feel entitled”


Selasi is without doubt my all time favourite Great British Bake Off contestant. My friend Lori and I always chat about GBBO and some way or another, we always bring it back to Selasi. Whenever it was heating up in the kitchen, Selasi some how remained calm and smiley, it was inspiring!

It was a delightful surprise when I recently attended Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy Place live’ event and who was there? None other than Selasi! It only made sense for Selasi to be my next interview…


1. What makes you happy?

Food and of course making sure people around me are equally as happy, it explains why I’m a feeder because we all love food and it makes us happy.


2. What three things do you do to take care of your wellbeing?

Eat cake

Make sure I always make time for myself which is pretty much every day and always check in with friends for a daily dose of banter.

I’m not big on exercise haha but I find it helps clear my thoughts also.


3. What would you say to someone that is gong through a tough time at the moment?

This is a tough one to be honest but I always think there’s someone out there in this big world going through far far worse so I use that as a positive spin to find a solution to my problems.


4. What helps you keep your stress levels at bay?

Baking and cooking. I also love music .


5. What makes you feel better when you are sad?

Music and my nearest and dearest.


6. What song makes you happy?

It really depends on my mood and what I’m doing as there are different levels of happiness..haha..I have a broad taste in music.


7. What’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

Oooh lots. But to name a couple, be humble and never feel entitled.


8. What book should everyone read?

I don’t really read books, mostly newspaper and business related books so this is a tricky one.


9. What activity makes you forget about time?

Baking/cooking and riding Optimus (my motorbike). Also I love travelling so it fits into my mood, always happy.


10. What is one thing you like about yourself?

Always smiling even at bad times, it’s infectious. It’s the optimist in me I suppose as I know whatever it is I am going through shall come to pass.




I loved reading Salasi’s answers. Remaining positive and smiley through the tough times is something I really admire. Salasi’s answer to number 10 has spoken to me just at the moment I needed, we can all do with reminding ourselves “this too shall pass” from time to time.


Thank you Salasi!


Carly Ann xx

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