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Samantha is an anxiety and business coach, coaching women to thrive in their life and business without anxiety holding them back. Samantha is also a bestselling author and podcaster - any way to empower women, she’s in it!

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I first came across Samantha on Instagram (follow her @a.happy.mind), I’m so pleased I did. Samantha genuinely inspires me every day to keep doing what I am doing. Though I’m sure it isn’t simple, Samantha makes following your dreams look easy. Not only has it been amazing watching Samantha grow, make her dreams a reality and literally change lives, her relentless work ethic is what really stands out. As I’ve said to Samantha in the past, she always reminds me to stay in my own lane and focus on my own journey, for that I am VERY grateful.


1) What makes you happy?


I am happy in sunshine. There is something about feeling warm and supported by something greater than me. I’ve always loved the sun and summer, and of course, yellow! This brings me instant joy and smiles but seeing amazing women thrive in their lives and no longer be ruled by anxiety – THIS makes me ecstatic!


2) What’s 3 things you do to take care of your wellbeing?


I read daily (5 pages is my daily rule of thumb) I have a bath every evening, I speak to my husband about our day and what has happened. This allows me to clear my head and externalise too.


3) What would you say to someone that is going through a tough time at the moment?


You are stronger than you know and no matter how tough this is, you are already doing more than you thought you were capable of.


4) What helps you keep your stress levels down?


I cant say stress has ever been something that impacts me, but baths and time in nature would have to be my golden tips!


5) What makes you feel better when you’re sad?


A good cry! Speaking and talking it through with someone I love and owning the emotion for what it is. Allowing myself the time to feel how I want to feel and not pretend.


6) What song makes you happy?


Anything by Elton John! he is my favourite of all time and reminds me of my memories with my Dad..


7) What’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given?


Be yourself, no matter how hard that might be for others!


8) What book should everyone read?


Mine! haha – if i’m allowed to say that!


9) What activity makes you forget about time?


Sunbathing (there is a pattern here!!) walking, meditating.


10) What is one thing you like about yourself?


My relentless determination and passion


To be honest, I was really excited to see Samantha’s answers and they didn’t disappoint. What I took away is that I don’t take advantage of simple self-care strategies like having a bath at the end of a long day, the 5 page daily rule, and remembering the importance of feeling what you feel. Sometimes we need a good cry and that is OK, own it, feel it, process it and let it go.


Carly Ann xx

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