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James Edward Young

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James Edward Young is also a friend that I met at uni. He is one of my greatest male friends on the planet. I think he is hilarious. He is excellent at drinking wine and has the loudest clap known to man. If I’m ever feeling out of sync, JEY will quickly remind me that life is precious and happiness is key…


1) What makes you happy?

The question that should be easy to answer yet is the one that we continually reflect upon.  In essence what made me happy 30 years ago still rings true today; spending quality periods of time with my family, loved ones and friends – this is when I am most content and at my happiest. It’s times with these people, at home or abroad, at work or at play, that outshine the disheartening and sad times that can get one down.

Other things of note that make me beam inside and out:

  1. thunder storms 2. Food, any time, any place 3. Learning


2) What’s 3 things you do to take care of your wellbeing?

Mind, health and holidays. If I these are maintained then my wellbeing is balanced. Mind – I try to appease my intellectual side and inquisitive nature by feeding my brain with new and interesting (or useless) information and to challenge it at all times.

Health – this changes depending on the seasons but I love to keep fit through running, sport and the gym during the spring and summer months.

Holidays – new adventures to stimulate my mind or 5 days lying on a beach reading good books equals bliss.


3) What would you say to someone that is going through a tough time at the moment?

This really depends on the person but my typical suggestion would be “pub and wine”?


4) What helps you keep your stress levels at bay?

Stress, what stress? In truth I rarely suffer from stress. I suppose this is because there are very few things in life that can truly agitate me enough to raise my stress levels. Being patient, actively reflective and understanding of others seems to keep my stress levels at a non-existent level.


5) What makes you feel better when you’re sad?

 Fortunately I seldom feel sadness. But for the moments of true sadness through grief, loss or pain I always reflect – I am an active thinker so I will take a great deal of time processing my feelings to truly decipher what I is affecting my sweet disposition. If I am sad, I will put myself into a place of happiness (see answer to question 1) to ensure my temperament is elevated.


6) What song makes you happy?

Toto, Africa.


7) What’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given?

“Marry for love not because you got a girl pregnant” By Anon, 2000.


8) What book should everyone read?

Something different – Moonwalking with Einstein is an interesting read or perhaps The Elegant Universe if string theory is your thing.


9) What activity makes you forget about time?

Sleeping. I guess being happy; if you are happy time is non-existent.


10) What is one thing you like about yourself?

My Morton toe or my sense of humour.



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