21 days to Breaking the Cycle

Are you ready to break the cycle that keeps you repeating the same pattern over and over?

Hello! I’m Carly Ann, I’m a Self-Esteem Coach. It is 100% my mission to help women overcome unhappy habits & walk away from what no longer serves them, so that they can step up and into who they really are. It’s time to break the patterns that keep you small.

I am guessing you are here, because you are ready to be BOLD and BRAVE… but you don’t know how, especially with the weight of your old, outdated habits holding you back.

I 100% know that feeling, that was me. Deep down, you know there is more for you, but stepping up is scary. It’s so scary in fact, that many of you will walk away from this course, because without even realising, your limiting beliefs are running the show.

I also know you feel tired. Tired of the same old patterns, tired of repeating the same mistakes, and tired of the highs and lows.

I get you, and I’m here to Cheerlead you so that you can become your own biggest Cheerleader.

You are in the right place – Welcome Home!

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21 Days to Breaking the Cycle

Do you have the longing feeling there is more for you?

Do you keep going back to behaviours, people or situations that bring you pain?

Do you daydream about having the confidence to do more and be more?

If you have answered YES to these any of these 3 questions – keep on reading because it is VERY likely this course is for you!

The truth is, you repeat the same habits and behaviours because that is how you have learned to respond when you experience certain emotions and triggers.

If you are tired of feeling out of control and hijacked by habits that no longer serve you, then you are in the right place.

I am bringing you 21 Days to Break the Cycle you to dive into what really keeps you going back to what you long to let go of. This course is fantastic because as an extra, you have the support, accountability and cheerleaders you have been craving. Break this cycle and step into who you are and building the success, life and love you day-dream about.

During the 21 Days you you will be given tools, resources and psychological skills to aid you in:

transformation, growth, new beginnings, passion & purpose, change, and the ability to make empowering decisions.


This is the second time I have run this course (we already have a fab team of cheerleaders ready to begin on 4th May). So why don’t we let the feedback do the talking!!

I want to be clear – this is not a 21 day ‘quick-fix’. I’m not about that, I would be doing both of us a disservice to make that kind of promise.

This is 21 days to you shifting one area of your life. One area of your life that you want to see change. During the 21 days I will teach you the fundamental knowledge & tools you need for long-lasting change.

We can’t undo the past. I can’t undo your past, but I can support and guide you to a place where your past does not haunt you.

When you have been trying to make this change for months, years and decades – it can be seriously disheartening. This 21 days is for anyone who’s spirit is fading. You can take back the power.

Topics Covered:

✔ Understanding a Balanced Life

✔ Choosing Love over Fear

✔ Finding what Lights You Up

✔ Letting Go & Healing

✔ Knowing Your Worth

✔ Your thoughts create your reality

✔ Choosing Self-Compassion Over Self-Loathing

✔ Motivation & Set-Backs

You will pick one area to work on. One area you have been struggling with and that might even be getting you down. You must be willing to make change in that area and feel serious about facing the discomfort that comes with change.


✔ Each Day you will receive a brand new exercise, psychological skill and/or self-help resource

✔ Self-Coaching Tools

✔ Mirror Techniques

✔ Psychological skills & Visualising Techniques

✔ Three LIVE Masterclass/Q&A with Carly Ann

✔ Private Facebook group for all your super soul support needs

✔ A re-boot pack for when motivation dips

You’ll have daily inspiration, practices, journal prompts, worksheets & audio.  I will be your accountability partner and ready to be there if you trip up on your journey.

It’s not your fault you struggle to make shifts. We weren’t taught how to make long term change. You were never taught how to overcome the craving and the undeniable pull you feel towards broken habits and unhealthy relationships.

I have designed this short program via Facebook to give you the foundations to unlearn an unhealthy pattern and begin resisting what is not helping you. You will get to the bottom of this, I am going to be your biggest cheerleader during this process. If you’re ready and willing to get stuck in, then let’s do this.

For 21 days of May 2020 (beginning on the 4th), you are invited to make a shift in your life. If you choose to believe change is possible for you, and you choose to take action towards that change – then you will see the change you want in 21 days.

(I said the price is going to increase but given everything that is going on in the world, I have decided to keep it at the introductory price).

Questions: Contact Carly Ann on Instagram, Facebook or Email.

In my darkest moments, I wondered if change is even possible for me. No matter how many times I tried, I kept falling back down and repeating the same habits over and over – when you’re in it, it can feel impossible to get break it (hint: it’s not!). When I was 29, I had finally had enough of not feeling enough.

I shifted my whole life and I went for the things I had been too afraid to try – this helped me break the pattern of allowing poor treatment in my life. I learned how to be happy in my own company, I understood my worth, I quit trying to make people see me, I put boundaries in place and perhaps most of important of all – I let go of FEAR and finally followed my passions and purpose. Hence you are here reading this.

There is no difference between us. You can do it too.

I give credit to the fact I have learned how to love myself, dance in the face of failure, and to ALWAYS get up and try again, and again, and again.