Whether you have only just discovered attachment styles or you are knee deep in your healing journey, we all need some support along the way.

Below, you will find a couple of guides & courses to help you in understanding how and why love can be so painful and repetitive for some of us (no matter how much we grow our self-soothing tool-box).

At this current time, free support (scroll down for access) includes:

  • Insight into the Six Pillars I use to support people in building confidence in themselves, others, and their ability to self-soothe.
  • An advanced Attachment Style Course to give YOU direct support on understanding your own insecure cycle
  • Also, YouTube, instagram, and my podcast has SO many goodies and extras for you

Wishing you well on your journey, and I hope we can connect (feel free to DM me or email).


The Six SECURE Pillars (PLUS a 6 day mini training)


Carly Ann gives you insight into how she works with people to build confidence in themselves, others, and their ability to self-soothe.

As an experienced practitioner in this industry & insecure attacher in recovery РI have tested, practiced, tripped up, tried again, and proven the Six Pillars that will take you from an insecure attachment to feeling confident in your ability to find joy in being single, date with hope, and hold down a secure relationship.




Carly Ann walks you through three sessions designed to give you that 1:1 experience (as much as possible) so that you can access inner wisdom and know your next move in breaking the cycle of anxious relationships, chasing an ex, and low self-esteem. This is going to support you to move towards earned secure attachment and who doesn’t want that