Workshop – insecurity

Overcome Insecurity to Cultivate more Confidence in Dating & Relationships

So you are ready to stop letting relationships have your sanity and happiness?

Every day I speak to women who want to quit repeating the same toxic patterns in dating and relationships.

Perhaps you have not been able to release yourself from the grasp of an unavailable guy, or you have managed to push away the healthy relationship, or you are too afraid to put yourself out there and risk the pain.

There is a reason you find yourself living out these anxious patterns time and time again. For those of you that are ready to heal the wounds of past pain & trauma, find joy in being alone, and activate the most secure sense of self – you are in the right place!

Join Self-Esteem & Relationship coach Carly Ann for this free workshop on how to overcome your deepest insecurities, so that you can cultivate more confidence and sensuality in your dating life and relationships – that means YOU finally get to lead your love life.

In this one off workshop I am going to guide you away from feeling desperate, anxious, and helpless in your love life to having space for a fresh, relaxed, confident & secure approach to any connection you experience.

You are IRREPLACEABLE and it is time you felt it.

It is 100% time to quit letting your fear of rejection have control over how you live your life.

Whether you are in the midst of pain right now, coming out the other side, or afraid of getting hurt again – Carly Ann is going to teach you what it means to be secure in dating, love, and relationships.

Truth is, without knowing, most people are already set up in how they behave in romantic relationships – that’s why no matter how many times you tell yourself you’re not going down that path again; you still find yourself back in the tight grasp of intense insecurity & jealousy, settling for less than you deserve and/or chasing another emotionally unavailable guy.

For those women who are largely afraid of being hurt –  it can feel impossible to change, I know that from personal experience.

Here is a free opportunity for you to see that anyone can change how they show up in love.

You going to learn a brand new road map to help you feel secure, sexy, and empowered, so that you can create stronger, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships in your life.

Tell me you don’t want that?



Where: Zoom (Replay Available)

How: Register Below and you will be emailed a link to join the free Workshop