Join hundreds of women from around the world reconnect to their self, their worth, and their inner fire that is calling them towards something more.



Right now, What you think & feel about love & yourself is determining the outcome of your love life & happiness.


That means, if you keep winding up in the same, painful situations, we need to transform the way you think & feel in a way that actually lasts.


I’ve created this space because I wholeheartedly believe in the power of community, connection, & healing as being one of the key components to helping you overcome your dating & relationship pain.

Typically, people who are interested in the support I offer inside this membership may experience:

  1. Losing a part of yourself when you like someone or are in a relationship
  2. Feeling like you have your s**t together in most areas of your life except relationships
  3. Struggling to communicate and set boundaries because you don’t want to seem “too much” or push anyone away
  4. Behaving in ways that ultimately make you feel embarrassed or “crazy”
  5. You don’t know how to control yourself or your feelings when you become triggered
  6. Overthinking – can’t focus on the moment, and become quite obsessed over a love interest
  7. Attracting the same person or painful patterns in love
  8. Having had your trust broken so many times and don’t know how to find yourself back to love
  9. You are sick and tired of comparing yourself and  feeling left behind


There are many of you reading this that can fully relate to at least 3 of  the above points, and it is you I am talking to.

What if I told you from my heart, that love & dating does not have to be this way?

If you, like me, have ever found dating and relationships to be really hard and anxiety provoking, I want you to know you are in the right place, there is 100% help available for this situation.


Follow Your Fire is a membership I have created using a combination of my own personal experience and my professional background.

This is a space where you can receive guidance, clarity, & answers when it comes to your love life, dating anxiety, learning to accept yourself.


If you are feeling left behind, like love never works for you, or struggling with loneliness – I encourage you not to miss this opportunity with us.



I have built FOLLOW YOUR FIRE with the intention of providing you with a unique corner of the internet where you can join other people who have made a commitment to stop losing themselves in love.

Are you also determined to quit putting all your time, energy, & happiness into the hands of someone else and/or your relationship status?

If you are looking for your own at-home version of Eat, Pray, Love – you’ve found it!



This monthly membership is perfect for anyone:

✓ On their soul searching journey to discovering themselves


✓ Fed up of experiencing that “desperate” feeling in love.


✓ Wanting to discover a new blueprint for confidence, happiness, and love


✓ Who is seeking an incredible social network of like-minded people to and cheerlead you on your journey (FYI: people from all over the word)


✓ On their very own soul-searching EAT | PRAY | LOVE  journey and knows now it is time for a BIGGER leap into the unknown (from the comfort of your own home!)








Here to give you guidance, support, and relationship-changing Workshops and Masterclasses!


So that you can attract and experience better dates & relationships with yourself and others.


Because let’s be honest, we all need to feel supported, held, & understood through the confusion & pain that love & heartbreak can actually bring.


This is where you get up off the cold hard ground!


When you reach the point where you are willing to do what it takes to break free from painful patterns in love, Follow Your Fire is the first step to showing your SELF, your inner critic, and even the universe that you are serious when you say you are done with losing yourself to love!


Not sure on where to start? Start by joining over 25 women who have been where you are!


A space for women who want a brand new relationships with themselves, as well as a romantic connection that lasts!


Follow your Fire is currently home to over 25 women just like you. Here is what they have to say about their experiences of losing themselves in love:


“I don’t challenge bad behaviour”


“I become needy and ask for lots of confirmation I am loved”

“my insecurity goes in to high drive and I literally pick everything a part in my head to try and figure out what I have done wrong. when I have actually done nothing”

 “Ask for reassurance. Try harder to be who they want me to be”

“It can literally make me feel ill! No sleep, panic, anxiety”

“I get more needy and bring a lot of insecurities and try to feel love”


You are invited to join us today!

Getting The Most From Your Investment

I want you to know this membership is about community, motivation, & healing. This is a great investment for anyone who is ready to go to the next level and practice what they have been learning. This is going to be worth every minute and every penny – should you truly be at the stage where you want to change your life and relationship experiences.


I encourage you to sign up, schedule in some weekly time, attend the LIVE sessions with your new TEAM FIRE, and enjoy this next level commitment you are making to yourself. Because how cool?

People go a lifetime in the same patterns.. and the fact you are not is what makes you unique and the perfect candidate to join Follow Your Fire.


For only £35 a month you have access to an incredibly supportive community, monthly workshops, trainings, Q&As, and exclusive offers.


Every month we dive into a specific key theme that is going to see you bloom in life & love. We will be diving deep into opening your heart to abundant love, Beating Relationship Anxiety, Connecting with your irresistible feminine powers, Detoxing your mind & body from your ex & unavailable love interests, Dating with Confidence, Stepping into your emotional power, & much much more!!


You can consider yourself part of a supportive, thriving community of cheerleaders who are also determined to become the leader of their love lives! You are going to be guided to make intuitive choices, and create a life that that stops you getting lost in love!


Each month consists of a theme that has been deeply thought out to help you heal you inner world and relationship difficulties, so that you can be guided and held as you move through this transition period in your live.


Look at this as being the key to ignite your personal development routine, healthy relationships, & a life that lights YOU up!


Monthly Masterclass & Training


You’ll be provided with monthly Masterminds (up to 2 hour work-shops) to help you elevate your thoughts, stand in your truest power, hold firm in the most empowering & attractive standards, and finally, come home to your SELF.

There will also be regular ad-hoc training (think Sunday Self-Session but the topics will be decided by YOU).


Monthly Themed Resources


At the beginning of each new month, you will be given a workbook to compliment the current theme, you will have digital workbooks that include bonus resources (podcasts, meditations, book recommendations, playlists etc!). They will also include journal therapy prompts to help you reflect on the previous month


Self-Circle & Support


Each month you are invited to come and hang out in the exclusive Self-Circle which is a space for you to be heard, get support on your specific situation and build relationships & accountability with other members of Follow Your Fire.


Expert Training & Guided Inner Healing


You know I am all about that healing and dedicated to inspiring you to be your most secure, irreplaceable SELF. I will be inviting in inspirational & handpicked guests & experts to help bring you unique guidance on how to unleash your full potential and become the leader of your love life.


Monthly Reflect & Reset Sessions


Each month you will be given space to help “stay on track”. Old habits die hard, and we have to try and limit the temptation to go back to people of the past, date the wrong type, push people away, play small.. you get me! So this session is going to bring your attention back to your truth, back to your SELF, back to being the version of yourself that makes you happy.


Anything Else?


You will also have access to a private support group, early-bird access (& prices) to Carly Ann’s programs, Book-Club, Workshops, & quick fire 1:1 calls with Carly Ann.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! The whole point is for you to become the leader of your love life & your own biggest cheerleader, until then, you can count on Follow Your Fire!


Will there be replays available for trainings & Masterclasses?

Yes, all training & Masterclasses will be saved & uploaded – super easy for you to find and watch in your own time! Self-Circles are not recorded because I want you to have a safe space to be heard.


Do I have to have Facebook?

Nope. The main hub for the membership is held inside a platform called Teachable. There is a Facebook group for anyone who wants to expand their connection and where I will be posting, checking in and doing the adhoc trainings – so I do recommend it if you want to get even more out of your commitment!


How will I know when the trainings & Calls are?

You will be able to access a calendar for each month within the private Facebook group and your Follow Your Fire member dashboard.


Can I get a refund once purchased?

There are no refunds because you have immediate access to Follow Your Fire once purchased.