Follow Your Fire Academy

The Follow Your Fire Academy is for anyone who has reached that wall. Broken patterns are no longer serving you and you are ready for the BREAKTHROUGH.

Learn how to develop a strong sense of who you are, break-up with self-doubt and quit settling for less.

Join the Academy and transform the way you respond to life transitions, conflict, stress and relationship struggles.

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Are you ready to break up with self-doubt, boost self-esteem & find the confidence to be YOU?

The Follow Your Fire Academy is the place to learn, grown, gain accountability & have your very own cheerleader along the way!

If you relate to one or more of the situations below, then you have found yourself in the exact place you are supposed to be:

♥ Your inner critic is leading and making the decisions in your life
♥ You are stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits stopping you from being YOU
♥ You are ready to invite real meaning and healthy love into your life

If you can relate to any of the above, then you should know; Follow Your Fire has been made with you in mind.

The soul of Follow Your Fire is to bring meaning and purpose into your world. Why? Because that is exactly where you will find you. Your true self is waiting for you, and I promise you; everything you need to be able to meet her, is ALREADY inside of you. Whether you are aware of it or not right now, your inner fire is your life compass – it’s where your direction awaits.

Follow Your Fire my online Coaching Academy where you will learn how to let go of the past, tackle overwhelm, face your fears & OWN your dreams. Join me as you take the power from your inner critic and become the boss of your own life!

What women (just like you) are saying about working with Carly Ann:

I’m curious; what is stopping you being you? Why are you still holding back? Or should I say, holding on?

Because I get where you are right now – you’ve been reading the books, you’ve listened to the podcasts and you’ve watched the motivating videos – and I wouldn’t even be surprised if you have seen some positive change (Feels A-MAZING when that happens!). Yet no matter how much you learn, it’s not quite taking you to that next level. The level I like to call – THE BREAKTHROUGH!

I promise you, you are no different to me or the other determined women I coach – you are 100% capable of the experiencing the breakthrough. There isn’t anything I have done that you can’t do when it comes to Following Your Fire! But as I like to be totally honest with you; you will need to have the same fire that myself and my clients have. Following Your Fire ultimately comes from you – which amazing because when you have been through the Follow Your Fire Academy – you get to be your very own coach (and cheerleader) forever!! Let me tell you about why this Academy is made with all the love and passion I could possibly offer you…

My Story:

What’s Involved in the Academy

Follow Your Fire Academy is a 12 week (16 weeks if you upgrade) supportive coaching academy for like-minded souls who are ready to take a leap towards choosing you.

This three months together is your new beginning. I am going to help you see what you are capable of. Whether you see a glimpse of it now or it seems totally out of reach, soon you will be living a life full of joy, meaning and unstoppable power (let go of how cringy or unbelievable those words feel to you, that’s just resistance – honestly you deserve this!!)

Whether you are looking for clarity in love, life or work – The Follow Your Fire Academy is the perfect space for you to satisfy your deep craving for personal growth, change and real happiness.

What you can expect in the Academy

The Academy is full of coaching, training, bonus materials and 1:1 access with me as your coach.

♥ 8 live group coaching/mastermind calls where I will coach you, give you brand new tools, and answer your questions. You will have space for 1:1 within the coaching and space to be held accountable.
♥ Weekly Q&As where you have the opportunity to ask me anything!
♥ Bonus training videos for each module
♥ Inspiring audio, bonuses and worksheets to download
♥ Each module comes loaded with the resources that changed my life
♥ A private FB group for all your quotes, soul TIPS, & support along the way
♥ In-depth titled work-books to download for each module

What you will learn in the Academy:

Before you join the Follow Your Fire Academy, you must know I am obsessed with music and lyrics and I LOVE to share them with you. All of the modules listed below are song titles.

In fact, Follow Your Fire is the name of a Kodaline song, with the idea being that you imagine yourself 10,20,30,40 years from now you look back on your life and someone you care deeply about asks you simply “Did you follow your fire?”. What do you want your answer to be?

Part 1: Healing from the past

Module 1: Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself – I help you understand WHY you are stuck here, and I take you back to THE truth. Recognise your triggers and get to know your unhealthy patterns.

Module 2: Survivor – Here you begin your journey to recognising and overcoming your destructive thinking – including self-doubt to overthinking.

Part 2: Learning to Love Yourself & Real Happiness

Module 3: Love Myself – Embrace who you are Learn my Key tools to LOVE YOURSELF!

Module 4: Unwritten –Learn to tolerate uncertainty, let go of control and align yourself with your true values

Module 5: Stand Up– The science behind was makes us experience real joy, love and happiness. Learn what really makes you happy in this life and invite more of it in.

Part 3: Strategy and Facing Your Fears

Module 6: Brave – by now you are in touch with your inner best friend – let’s get brave; with me by your side, it’s time to take big leaps and make s**t happen.

Module 7: This is Me -Step into who you are, fully know your worth and own your brand new confidence. You are in action phase and results are happening.

Module 8: Brand New Me – Your set-back plan – managing judgement, change and what to do when you trip up from time to time.

Carly Ann’s Mission:

My mission is to help every day women make huge shifts in their life through the power of learning to love yourself and positive psychology. My own purpose is to be your biggest cheerleader as you go from playing small, feeling ‘not enough’ and being unsure if change is possible, to finding the courage to stand up, fully accept yourself and become your own biggest cheerleader.

“Actually learning to love myself was the best part. I really feel I am beginning to do this which is great. A real shift in mind-set for me”

“I enjoyed the different ideas and strategies Carly gives you to help find what works for you”


What you get immediately when you sign up:

♥ Access to Introduction and training on Understanding your Self-Esteem
♥ A questionnaire for you to reflect on where you are and where you want to go – Giving me the chance to know you personally
♥ Access to worksheets & self-coaching tools
♥ Resources – get your hands on my favourite podcasts, videos, books, articles and other resources.

Joining the Follow your Fire Academy requires you to take radical responsibility for your life. From my own experience, it is those flash moments when you take the responsibility for your own happiness and choices; those are the moments that you will look back on as being a moment your life changed.

And so I invite you to make right now one of those moments for you. So let me as you, do you accept the invitation to Follow Your Fire?

For those of you saying YES!

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Follow Your Fire Academy – UPGRADE

I have only FIVE spaces available to exclusive 1:1 coaching during your time in the academy and beyond.

As a member of the Upgraded team you will get:

♥ 3 hours of 1:1 Coaching with Carly Ann, plus a bonus hour after the program ends!
♥ You have 24 hour access to me via the app Voxer (we can voice note and message as we please!)
♥ Lifetime FREE access to Carly Ann’s online 90minute Online Workshops.
♥ Access to Carly Ann’s 2-part Overcoming Overthinking Online Course

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