Follow Your Fire

Your Road-Map to RELEASING blocks, CONNECTING with your self, KNOWING your worth, BEING your best-self, and HAVING the life & love you daydream about.

Learn how to develop a strong sense of who you are, break-up with self-doubt and quit settling for less.

Follow Your Fire is for you if you are truly READY to step into your power, break free of toxic relationships & create something bigger for yourself.

My Mission with Follow Your Fire:

Too many incredible women have a life, love and dream that they miss out on.

Rather than learn how to navigate fear, walk away from what hurts them and gather a team of cheerleaders, they carry on with the life that makes them feel heavy.

They bury and ignore their truth. They act out of alignment with what they really want for themselves, deep down.

Why? Because they (we) forgot the truth. We learned how to live a life driven by the inner critic, the fear and the lies.

We either attach ourselves to people and ideas or we distance ourselves. We deprive ourselves of the opportunity to find balance in our relationships as we pursuit a life of our own.

We wake up to a job that we are good at but lacks passion and real purpose.

Is this you? because if it is, it is time you know the truth!

The TRUTH is that you have a space on this Earth and you have unique gifts to share.

The TRUTH is that your needs deserve to be met.

The TRUTH is that you are 100% worthy.

The TRUTH is that you can tune into that whisper that has been telling you there is more for you in this world.

Follow Your Fire is a 4 month course, it is specifically designed to work through the foundations needed in order for us to step into our power:

  • Understand the stories and beliefs that are holding you back from taking bigger leaps
  • Learn how to manage your emotions with grace & compassion
  • Discover how you show up in relationships without losing yourself
  • Unpick your patterns and learn the lessons you have been ignoring
  • Connect with what sets your soul on FIRE
  • Absorb the skills that allow you to truly accept yourself
  • BE Brave in the pursuit of what lights you up from the inside out.

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What is Following Your Fire?

We all have an inner guide, another voice, a whisper that tells us what we really want – an inner fire. Unfortunately, we seldom listen.

People can spend their whole life time drowning that out and never stepping into their light. That’s pretty devastating to be honest.

You may call it a hunch, your intuition, a gut feeling, it is the voice of the real you.

When you bury it and ignore it, it has to come out other ways to try and get your attention – anxiety, upset, illness, overthinking, fights, it will find a way.

When you begin to tune in to that whisper, you will see that the answers have been there all along, only you have learned to live another way, and listening to your whisper is scary.

When you begin to listen, you ignite something in you. A fire begins to burn. At this point, you have a choice, you can go back to what you know, or you can Follow Your Fire.

Is this for you?

Are you ready to break up with self-doubt, boost self-esteem & find the confidence to be YOU?

Follow Your Fire is the place to learn, grown, gain accountability & have your very own cheerleader along the way (me!!).

Perhaps you’ve been reading the books, you’ve listened to the podcasts and you’ve watched the motivating videos – and I wouldn’t even be surprised if you have seen some positive change. Yet no matter how much you learn, it’s not quite taking you to that next level – it’s not sticking.

I promise you, you are no different to me or the other determined women I coach – you are 100% capable of the shift. There isn’t anything I have done that you can’t do when it comes to Following Your Fire!

Being totally honest with you; you will need to have the fire in you that you are ready to build a relationship with.

Following Your Fire ultimately comes from you – which amazing because when you have been through the Follow Your Fire Academy – you get to be your very own coach (and cheerleader) forever!! Let me tell you about why this Academy is made with all the love and passion I could possibly offer you…

I’m curious; what is stopping you being you? Why are you still holding back? Or should I say, holding on?

If you can relate to any of the above, then you should know; Follow Your Fire has been made with you in mind.

The soul of Follow Your Fire is to bring meaning and purpose into your world.


Because that is exactly where you will find you. Your true self is waiting for you, and I promise you; everything you need to be able to meet her, is ALREADY inside of you. Whether you are aware of it or not right now, your inner fire is your life compass – it’s where your direction awaits.

I know what it is like to lose yourself whilst you wait. Wait until you meet the right person, wait until your partner steps up, wait until you get the promotion, wait until you have the money, wait until you get that apology, wait until tomorrow.

Waiting is an excuse.

This is the spark required to set your world on fire.

Join me as you take the power from yourself-doubt & become the boss of your own life!

What Follow Your Fire Ladies are Saying:

My Story:

So What’s Involved?

Follow Your Fire Academy is a 12 week (16 weeks if you upgrade) supportive coaching academy for like-minded souls who are ready to take a leap towards choosing you.

This three months together is your new beginning. I am going to help you see what you are capable of. Whether you see a glimpse of it now or it seems totally out of reach, soon you will be living a life full of joy, meaning and unstoppable power (let go of how cringy or unbelievable those words feel to you, that’s just resistance – honestly you deserve this!!)

Whether you are looking for clarity in love, life or work – The Follow Your Fire Academy is the perfect space for you to satisfy your deep craving for personal growth, change and real happiness.

What you can expect in the Academy

The Academy is full of coaching, training, bonus materials and 1:1 access with me as your coach.

♥ 8 live group Mastermind calls where I will coach you, give you brand new tools, and answer your questions. You will have space for within the Mastermind to be heard.
♥ Weekly Q&As where you have the opportunity to ask me anything!
♥ Motivational videos, inspiring audio, bonuses and worksheets to download
♥ Each module comes loaded with the resources that changed my life
♥ A private FB group for all your quotes, soul TIPS, & support along the way
♥ In-depth titled work-books to download for each module

What you will learn in the Academy:

Before you join the Follow Your Fire Academy, you must know I am obsessed with music and lyrics and I LOVE to share them with you. All of the modules listed below are song titles.

In fact, Follow Your Fire is the name of a Kodaline song, with the idea being that you imagine yourself 10,20,30,40 years from now you look back on your life and someone you care deeply about asks you simply “Did you follow your fire?”. What do you want your answer to be?


Mastermind 1: Let’s Go Back to Simplicity – This module dives into the your basic truth, that you are worthy. You will acknowledge where you have lost your way and you get honest about how you show up when your inner child becomes activated (anxious or avoidant?).

It’s time to quit letting old stories get in the way of a bold life. You will learn how to self-soothe, regulate your emotions with grace and calibrate with the high vibe life & love you so deserve.

Mastermind 2: Survivor – Here you begin your journey to recognising and overcoming your destructive thinking. Wherever you are on your journey you must admit on some level you still allow self-doubt to stop you from rising fully.

You will work through the foundations of over hesitation, anxiety, procrastination and all of the subtle habits you have picked up when the inner critic tries to lead you.

Even the greatest leaders in the world experience these patters. You will rewire these outdated patterns and replace them with the abundant mind-set you crave.

Mastermind 3: I Finally Love Myself – Let’s go deeper and embrace who you are. It is time for your life to be yours. In this module there is conversation, tools and support that is going to help you love yourself – flaws and all.

Learn to let go of your judgement as you realise being imperfect is perfectly perfect, that it is only when you are being your true self that you will invite in the life, the love and the happiness that you think about at before you drop off to sleep.

I will share with you the practices that still change my life today and pick me up when I slip into comparison mode.


Mastermind 4: Ending Unplanned – Let’s dive into letting go of control & creating a high vibe right now. What you put out into the world is what you invite in – in your life, love & work.

Learn to tolerate uncertainty, let go of control and align yourself with your TRUE values. We will dive into what you need right now in order to ground yourself, connect with your dreams and give less energy to the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘shoulda woulda couldas’.

This moment is part of your journey, if you’re not enjoying it, then will the outcome be worth it? Your dream is not a chore, if it feels like it – something is off. Carly Ann is going to cheerlead you as you connect with your intuition and purpose on a deeper level.

Mastermind 5: Stand Up– Getting real about what your soul and dreams need. Your greatest guidance is at your finger tips; knowing what makes you feel alive.

Your basic day to day is indicating how likely you are to make your dream your reality. Here we transform how you show up for yourself on a whole new level. It’s time to take action – say no when you want to, say yes to yourself and discover the true essence of happiness when you spend time alone.

The science behind was makes us experience real joy, love and happiness. Learn what really makes you happy in this life and invite more of it in.


Mastermind 6: Brave – by now you are in touch with your inner wisdom and know how to navigate your life with clarity – now it’s time to BE the person you know you are.

Your being brave now; with me by your side, it’s time to take big leaps and make s**t happen. Bigger leaps than you even dreamed of when you started this journey.

There is a process to rising and you are going to learn how to live it in alignment with what brings you joy, fun and love.

Mastermind 7: This is Me -Step into who you are, fully know your worth and own your brand new confidence. You are in action phase and results are happening.

Being the person you are born to be allows you to have the things you want for yourself, your loved ones and your future. This is you know, you live from an empowered, healthy mind-set and you are not faking anything to be here. You feel it, you be it and you live it.

Whoever you are, it’s at this stage, we self-sabotage. Old habits creep in and we might even trip up. Learn what it takes to maintain this shift and get back up every time.

Mastermind 8: Brand New Me – Let’s review the highs and low. The judgements that still scare you, the people that reject the real you and the relationships that don’t stand the test of time.

You will cultivate a deeper chemistry with your connection and attract your cheerleaders when you stand up and show this brand new you to the world.

You have unique gifts and the Brand New You is speaking up & showing the world what burns inside of you.

Joining the Follow your Fire Academy requires you to take radical responsibility for your life. From my own experience, it is those flash moments when you take the responsibility for your own happiness and choices; those are the moments that you will look back on as being a moment your life changed.

And so I invite you to make right now one of those moments for you. So let me as you, do you accept the invitation to Follow Your Fire?

For those of you saying YES!





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Bi Weekly FYF Mastermind Zoom

Bonus Vault

Online Journal & Feedback from Carly Ann

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