“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”

So the 13th Feb is official Self-Love day. As your go to girl for all things Self-Love, it would be CRIMINAL not to throw a party!!

This party is very special – you can attend this party from anywhere in the world! It will be me, you and the other amazing women who are READY to invite real meaning, love & joy into their lives. That doesn’t sound like something you want to miss!

This is a space for you to show up as YOU, celebrate YOU and Learn to love YOU.

Self-Love isn’t reserved for the people who have the time. Self-Love is necessary if you are serious when you say you want to change. Self-Love is the very first step to tapping into the life, love & work that I know you are capable of (You will have to join us to find out exactly how I know this!).

It is when you begin to love and accept yourself that change becomes believable. During this party, I am going to teach you how Learning to Love Yourself is how you are going to overcome your limiting beliefs, up-level your mind-set and only accept the healthy, happy love you deserve.

You won’t be surprised to hear this event is going to be a cosy vibe! Drop in and join the party, I am going to be your own Cheerleader and teach you:

Our party includes self-love meditations, guided questions, planning your self-love future and the low down on how you are going to ignite your inner fire!

All you need to do is show up as you! You be You. Bring your favourite note-book, a pen, your diary & some snacks if you like! Why not invite your bestie too?!

Can’t make it live? No worries – Re-Play available!

Get a bit nervous about parties?

There is no pressure to participate in the chat if you don’t feel comfortable right now. You can still 100% benefit from this party. There will be fun exercises, chats for you to observe and a self-love meditation for you to practice!

See you there!

Carly Ann xx