8 Week embodiment program where you will Break up with toxic relationship patterns, let go of who no longer serves you & truly find the love of your life

Gain Access to the unique formula that will give you the confidence to break through anxious attachments & heartbreak to demand a happy, healthy & romantic relationship that lights up your soul and makes you feel fully irreplaceable!


This is an 8-week program (+ two bonus weeks!) where you will grow from being insecure, anxious, and preoccupied with your relationships, to being secure in your self-worth and comfortable in the knowledge that you are the irresistible leader of your love life.

Up until this point, you have a history of attracting unavailable guys, putting partners on a pedestal, crushing hard, unrequited love, fear of abandonment, and you’ve had a string of disastrous partners that just keep on coming.

This program is specially designed for women who desire to be more than just her relationship status and yet continues to lose herself to love.

I want you to know that you can call in your healthy & committed relationship, at the very same time as building up a sense of wholeness, completeness, and happiness from yourself first – it does not have to be one or the other.

You are about to say goodbye to the girl who bases her self-esteem on relationships, and a big BIG hello to the secure woman that guys actually want to see again and again.

Not only will these 8 weeks detox you from thinking non-stop about this person, but it is going to give you the insight and tools you need to start offering yourself the acceptance and self-love it takes to break these toxic patterns, so that you can actually attract the relationship you keep saying you want.


Together, we are going to give you the strength to quit checking his socials, stop checking your phone, get excited about the future, and stand by the promise that you will on stand for a healthy relationship.

You blame yourself and think you are the reason you have these relationship issues. That is not what I see. I see a girl who simply needs to know what she wants on a deeper level than you have been allowing yourself to go.

You don’t have to seek the security from your partner by doing the things that you call “needy”. You can receive the love you desire from yourself. And it is THAT change that stops the overthinking, the texting, and the crying that makes you feel “crazy”.

“Most people are only as needy as their unmet needs”

You experience life-changing results by working through the emotional turmoil leftover from failed relationships, family issues, low self-esteem, and outdated ways of thinking.

It is your birth given right to feel irreplaceable in every aspect of your life.

This program is your step-by-step guide to healing your broken heart, overcoming anxious attachment wounds, releasing your biggest relationship fears, and diving in fully to the power of building your self-esteem first!

By the end of this program, you will have stopped allowing past experiences get in the way of your future.

Yes you will still value chemistry, but you will also know how to attract someone you are actually compatible with – that is what has been missing.

Heard enough and ready to commit to yourself? Click HERE


It is your choice whether you will let your past relationships and heartbreak define who you are and how you show up today. Only you can make the decision to finally put yourself first. If you answer yes to these question, then this is your opportunity to seize today

    • Do you feel like relationships is the area of your life you keep “failing” in?
    • Do you replay past pains and rejection?
    • Have you lost hope in love & fear getting hurt again?
    • Do you quickly become jealous & anxious in relationships?
    • Do you worry that there is no time to do the work it takes to have a healthy relationship?
    • Do you feel frustrated because you do self-work and still end up in the same unhealthy relationship patterns?
    • Do you blame yourself for your relationship breakdowns?

You are in the right place.

This is not just you. This is a product of your past and the subconscious patterns you are not even aware of…yet.

These patterns come with a lesson for you to learn, then and only then will you break free.

People go on for years and years before they finally accepting help to break the unconcious habits that keep them in the same spot.

You will be surprised how simple some of this is going to be. What you need to do first, is something you are actually afraid to do (you might not know this yet); make a commitment.

Commit yourself to these 8 weeks so you can move through the unique formula that will allow you to learn the lesson that keeps bringing you back to this same place.


Every woman wants to feel irreplaceable. As soon as you “Become Irreplaceable” you release the fears that keep you stuck settling in relationships and accepting poor treatment.

Take a second to picture exactly how an irreplaceable woman shows up in her relationships:

  1. You can confidently say no to what does not serve you
  2. See through poor treatment easily and leave before you are in too deep
  3. You know when and how to communicate your needs without worrying you look “needy” or “crazy”.
  4. You are balanced in judgement & do not overthink every movement your lover makes
  5. You don’t stalk social media or incessently check your phone because you have better ways to spend your time
  6. You are open to being vulnerable and do not feel guilty about being yourself


You are here because you have reached that life-changing moment where you have HAD ENOUGH of repeating the same insecure patterns and attracting the same unavailable relationships. 

You are finally done with feeling “less than” any time you are having relationship issues. You are sick of overanalysing your romantic encounters. You have had enough of not feeling enough even when you have tried everything and more.

You realise this way of being is no longer sustainable.

You want to feel content, happy, and able to handle to stress that comes with relationships & dating without feeling like you totally lose yourself.

This is the very moment you say enough is enough. No more lowering your standards. No more needing this person to make you happy. No more entertaining the idea that you are not enough.

My unique formula gives you the confidence to break through anxious attachments & heartbreak to demand a happy, healthy & romantic relationship that lights up your soul and makes you feel fully irreplaceable

Set your standards, take back your dignity, and demonstrate how a woman like you deserves to be treated!

Because if you don’t, then who will?

If you truly want to experience the joy the strength & joy that Becoming Irreplaceable brings with it, then you have to quit the excuses, own your deepest fears, and stop allowing the people & pain of your past to rule your headspace.

I know the fear that this triggers inside you. Part of the reason you have struggled to change on your own is because of these textbook fears that rear their ugly head as soon as you consider changing FOR REAL. If you are anything like I used to be, your fears sound something like this:

“What if it takes too long to change and I lose more time”

“What if I am the one that they finally change for?”

“What if I never find this chemistry with anyone else?”

“Letting go would mean losing them forever”

“I’m not strong enough to walk away”

“What is I end up alone forever”

“Isn’t it better to be treated this way then have no one”

What if no one likes the real me

What if told you these fears are not REAL? This is just your brain doing overtime, and in fact, it is these thoughts that are actually pushing your love interests away.

Understanding this truth is the beginning of you breaking toxic cycles of trying to convince someone to see you or change for you. You won’t have to TRY so hard for this to happen ever again because it will be a natural process that you respect.

As soon as you work through the incessent inner chatter that is keeping you small in life & love, you will in fact SAVE time because you will finally know how to listen to your intuition and focus and being irreplaceable!

After this program, instead of feeling afraid, you are going to feel INSPIRED by the thought of breaking free from what does not serve you in this world.


The thing is, despite your inner turmoil, you actually show up in the world with a smile, a perfectly good career, dreams, and friends who see your worth – yet at the back of your mind, without this relationship, you feel unfulfilled. Not to mention that everything you do is with this person in mind.

What if you could give yourself permission to fully complete yourself?

Imagine if you woke up in the morning with the confidence and excitement to spend a full day with the true love of your life, you?

Even now, you might be thinking how this would show your Mr Unavailable “imagine if he could see me that happy?” – After this course, that won’t be your mind-set anymore, you will be living your life with your own needs and values in mind.

Be honest, do you need to dedicate some time to decluttering your love life?

It is time to pause, and take stock of what is really going on for you. Love is not supposed to be this anxiety-provoking, this confusing, and this painful.

Don’t worry about the time you have already dedicated or ‘lost’ to this person – just put your focus on right now. Do the work now so that you don’t have to look back in 6 months’ time and feel frustrated that you did not take action.


·   You lose yourself in relationships, give too much of yourself, and become so anxiously attached that you cannot focus on anything else – it is time to take the big leap.

·   You have a history of attracting unavailable relationships, partners who do not commit, and crushing so hard on guys who do not see you

·   You take rejection way too personally and constantly think something is wrong with you

·   Everything you do is with a ‘secret’ intention of securing your lovers validation

·   You rush into love, you run away from love, you are obsessed with love

·   You bruise easily

·   When your friends get engaged, you take it as a personal insult to your self-worth


·   Understand how & why you behave the way you do in your relationships

·   Recognise Red Flags & know when to walk away or state your own needs

·   Feel confident & irreplaceable in dating and relationship

·   You attract guys who want to commit to you (and you don’t find them boring!)

·   You feel cool, calm, & collected when you are going into relationships

·   Be available to the right relationship

·   Control yourself when you are triggered and feeling “crazy in love”

Love, dating, and even rejection is not supposed to be as hard as it feels for you. I’m not saying it is easy, but navigating it should not take up all your time, energy, and headspace.

 Anyone I have ever worked with will tell you that one of my greatest passions is happiness. This course will teach you how to experience happiness in the face of rejection, happiness in the age of modern dating, happiness when your partner goes on a lads trip, happiness when you are single. You deserve to be happy, and you can be. Now you get to create a life that you adore, have dates that light up your soul, demonstrate confidence that is irresistible, attract a guy who sees you fully, and demand a happy, healthy & romantic relationship that lights up your soul and makes you feel fully irreplaceable!


Carly Ann is Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach.

Her core mission is to help women heal from insecurity  & anxious attachments in their relationships. Carly Ann is determined to provide a space to normalise experiences of insecurity so that women can stop feeling “too crazy”, “too needy”, and “crazy”.

As an anxiously attached woman in recovery, Carly Ann is driven by personal experience & a deep sense of purpose; here to help women overcome past trauma and break free from toxic relationship patterns – no matter how impossible it may feel.

Carly Ann has a special focus on understanding attachment theory and helps insecure women improve & develop a more accurate relationship with love, self, and others

Carly Ann uses her background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Self Compassion Therapy and her own experience to support women in the midst of relationship/dating issues, as well as those who struggling with the concept of being single.

 (Quick Passionate Rant by me…)

The thing is, you have so much to give, and there are people out there who are the perfect fit for you. Unfortunately, whilst you are stuck on this other person and acting like a girl with no self-control, it’s likely the right guy wouldn’t see you in this state or you will push them away.

I know all too well how it feels to be utterly, totally taken over by jealousy, anxiety, and insecurity. It is all consuming, and you can even wonder if it is really possible to change. It is possible, if you take the time to heal the real pain, and learn the lesson that you keep missing.

You have choices here:

1.       You stick this out in the hope things will just change. Where you will continue to lose precious hours, days, and months, and years of your life to the same unhealthy patterns (you will learn very quickly on the course that I do not allow guys to waste my time anymore, those days are over!). I’m sorry to bring you the news, if you are experiencing these issues time and time again, it is in fact you who is emotionally unavailable. Things will stay the same unless you learn how to be emotionally available.

2.       You decide to break out of this toxic cycle once and for all. You learn what it takes to wake up and quit letting another person steal your happiness and future relationship. “Will he come back?” Honestly, most likely, yes. But to be honest, I very much doubt the future you will stand for it – secure women have unwavering standards!

Yes you can have the freedom, yes you are capable of doing it, yes you can make money doing what you love…


What will the 8  Weeks look like?

The whole program is going to give you direct access to being coached by Carly Ann.

The 8 weeks consists of 8 LIVE workshops that will take place over zoom, with replays easily available if you cannot make it.


The bonus weeks will give you the chance to meet your team of CHEERLEADERS, be given incredible pre-work to strengthen your commitment, & perhaps most importantly, give you the chance to implement what you are learning! Plus it will take us straight up to Christmas, and I know you will need your cheerleaders to stay strong during that time!



You may have felt weak when it comes to setting your standards, letting go of the past, and walking away from toxic relationships but that’s because you did not have your cheerleaders to lean on. Trying to do this alone IS hard and terribly isolating, that is why this week is all about bringing you the understanding, support, and accountability you have been craving. This is where you finally see you are not crazy, it’s not your fault, and you are not being left behind.


Truth is, if you are signing up this program then you are going to have to be willing to feel the discomfort that comes from growth, change, and letting go of the old! This module gets you to dive straight in and get clear on how you got to where you are. You need this crystal clear awareness of your story, your pain, and your pattern SO THAT we can help you change it. Suppressing pain and replacing it with low par relationships, or allowing it to come out in jealousy & anxiety is not working for you. With ZERO judgement, let’s use this week to map out your journey to insecurity, and create a new roadmap for your future!


Module 2 will test how serious you are about a serious relationship because you will be invited to take your love interest down from the pedestal and gain some true perspective. You are willing to bend over backward, lower your standards, and give away your energy – we need to figure out what makes them SO irresistible to you. Then and only then, can we take off the rose-tinted glasses get real about what actually makes someone compatible (sorry but chemistry isn’t alone). This phase is where you get an idea of where to meet your life partner!


This module is a must for anyone who is holding on to hurt and fearing rejection. This is when you smash through fear of rejection, being alone, and heartbreak. Whether you are learning to trust again, or learning to trust for the first time, this module is going to put you in the position where you can ENJOY time apart from your love interest, or have FUN dating again even with the risk of it going south.


What if I told you there is a simple way to get out of the toxic cycle of repeating unhealthy relationship patterns? Module 4 is where we get down to the nitty gritty of your self-worth. You cannot let go of Mr Unavailable or have a healthy relationship unless you quit seeking validation from anyone outside of you – especially if your wholeness is reliant on this person. Module 4 shows you exactly where girls go so wrong; they do not do what it actually takes to raise standards for good, which is why you end up back in the same spot. this week you go from insecure to feeling wildly confident in yourself and knowing exactly what you deserve from any relationship.


So many women tell me they know what they value, and then I ask for the details and it is vague, vague does not get you what you desire. Half of the reason you feel unfulfilled and frustrated by your choices in life is that they do not match up with the very CORE of who you are. What makes a solid relationship that lasts? Shared values interested and meeting each other’s needs. How can you find the guy for you if you do not even know those things about yourself? If you want to strengthen your relationship or find ‘nice guys’ interesting – Module five is how you do it!


We all know before having a TRULY healthy relationship, you have to fall in love with yourself first. There is no way around it, you have to be the love of your life. The good news is, you don’t have to have self-love figured out completely before inviting in a healthy relationship, but it certainly does help! So let’s get to it, ready to learn how to date yourself and actually ENJOY it?


Now it is really time to stop waiting for permission to be you. This module is not going to be what you are expecting. You can still be a strong independent woman, and become the woman that a man wants to commit to. You do not have to change for anyone, it is about how you show up as the best version of you – so that YOU feel attractive, and YOU feel seductive, and YOU feel loveable. Let’s unleash the irresistible woman that you have spend too ling shrinking, and hiding away from. This is possibly my favourite of my SECURE formula!


This module may be a little unusual compared to your standard course. We are going back to the beginning. I know you, because I used to have the same patterns, so I know that deep down everything you do is to seek the acceptance of your love interest. We’re going back to the relationship that has led you here – we are going to analyse it further from your new mind-set and from the perspective of your IRREPLACEABLE woman within, and with a magic touch of a final letting go ceremony (that you can repeat as many times as you like). We can clear any lingering blocks, celebrate your HUGE transformations, and get clarity on where you are taking your love life in 2021.


It’s not over just yet let’s release you slowly. Often the questions come after the call, right? This week you embody what you have learned and have the opportunity to ask any burning questions, or simply just share your major wins as you head into a brand-new year! This week you take the next big leap!



Carly was understanding and supportive, empathetic, and she was also able to keep us motivated. Since I joined few of her previous workshops I knew I like her style, and her personality. She also explains that we are the ones who will ultimately have to become our own cheerleaders but she does it in most sensitive and professional way”

“Carly Ann is a force to be reckoned with. She is fierce in the pursuit of passing on what she stands for and what she creates, and its inspiring to be a part of. She listens without judgement, and is always there with wise words and tools to help break down every unhelpful thought”

“I loved working with Carly Ann. The thing that kept bringing me back to Carly Ann over other coaches & courses is that she’s relatable, kind, and thoughtful. She’s not afraid to ask hard questions. She’s also always encouraging. I always feel uplifted and refreshed after a session”

“Carly is fabulous! She is super supportive, patient, and clear. Carly goes above and beyond to support her clients to progress into the person they want to become”