Author: Carly Ann

3 Powerful Techniques to Improve Your Mind-Set & Mood

Posted on 6th Feb 2019

People with low self-esteem really struggle to think up anything positive; others feel embarrassed to list them. There is certainly a misconception that identifying qualities about yourself is arrogant. Or to list positives about the world is unrealistic. Neither is true. This is not about creating a perfect picture. It is about adopting a balanced view.

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How to Eliminate Fears Surrounding Single Life And Have the Relationship You Deserve

Posted on 30th Jan 2019

“Being brave enough to be alone frees you up to invite people into your life because you want them and not because you need them". - Mandy Hale    …

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Relationships: Communication and Managing Conflict

Posted on 23rd Jan 2019

If you have a relationship in your life that is bringing you upset, it can be all consuming. Maybe you have reached the point where you can't take anymore. The drama is draining and having a negative impact on your world. Perhaps you have decided it is time to make some changes to this relationship..

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Try These Techniques to Control Intense Emotion and Overwhelm

Posted on 16th Jan 2019

“Emotions influence every action we take. So the more we are aware of our feelings, the more we gain conscious control over our lives.” ― Jessica Moore     We…

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9 Ways to Overcome Your Self-Doubt

Posted on 13th Jan 2019

Self-doubt is what it sounds like. You are doubting yourself. You are doubting your abilities, your skills, your strengths, your qualities. All the amazing things about you, that other people see, your self-doubt is not allowing you to see. Self-doubt will come to you most obviously in the form of a feeling (anxiety, worry, sadness, shame), but really it is the words you are telling yourself (“I couldn’t do that”, “why did I say that”, "she doesn't really like my work"). The words that make up the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis.

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Why Accepting Yourself As You Are Will Actually HELP You Make Positive Change

Posted on 6th Jan 2019

  "You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously" - unknown     As you may know by now my message is simple, Improve your self-esteem and…

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9 Ways to Show Up and Create Your Dream Life

Posted on 1st Jan 2019

Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It's tough to do when we're terrified about what other people may think - Brené Brown   I am about to do…

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Why Learning to Say No is Crucial for Your Happiness and Self-Esteem

Posted on 19th Dec 2018

Do you struggle to say no to people? Are you feeling like you are stuck in a habit of trying to please everyone around you? When you do say no, do you end up falling into a pit of guilt? Saying no can be tough, some people really struggle with it.

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