About Me

Meet Carly Ann

Hi, I’m Carly Ann! I’m a Relationship & Self-Esteem Coach helping you break free from loneliness, insecurity, and toxic relationship patterns.

It is my mission to help women go from insecure, lost, unbelieving of love and help them become fully secure about who they are and what they deserve in love. To fall so deeply in love with yourself that you will only consider sharing your mind, body, and soul with someone who treats you with equal respect and appreciation.

I lead women to find more joy, build up your self-worth and master their connections with themselves and others.

Breaking free from toxic patterns in love

Through both my personal experience of being anxiously attached and over ten years of professional experience working with people to break free from unhealthy patterns, I have come to learn that at the core of most relationship problems and insecurity is a fear of not being loveable.

Being insecure about who you are and what you have to offer in your relationships holds you back in so many areas of your life. The work I am dedicated to is about helping you go back to your truth – that means to rediscover your self-worth and become your fully confident self. 

I gave some of my greatest years to pleasing others and trying to be good enough, until I had had enough. When I look back at how I showed up in dating and relationships, I am wide awake to the fact I wasted so much of my energy, totally placing it on the wrong things and moving in an unhealthy direction.

My whole life changed when I realised it is my birthright to have healthy connections and be treated as equal to anyone guy I am ever dating, and that is exactly what I will help you to recognise too.

Similar to myself, your experience with love so far, may have taught you that people leave because you are not enough, but it is not true. At the core and one of the very first things I do with my clients is teach you the power of your lovability and self-worth. That means your fear of rejection will never how so much control over you again!

I believe wholeheartedly that you can 100% be single, happy, AND fulfilled. I want to show you that you can be the woman to let go of shame, be strong enough to walk away, and build a life that lights YOU up – not matter your relationship status right now!

Work With Me

Every Woman has the potential to be secure in love, re-store her self-worth, stand up for her needs, feel attractive, and to create a life that reaches happiness way beyond her relationship status.

When you come to working with me, it is not unusual that you may be feeling a whole range of emotions. On the one hand you are feeling frustrated and at the lowest low about your situation and for finding yourself back here again, mixed with determination as you know you are seriously ready to change your future now, and mixed with anxiety about making this kind of commitment to yourself!

It’s likely you have already read a lot of books and you know the red flags but you have hit a wall; nothing you try seems to stop you feeling alone and getting involved in the same toxic relationships with people who are unable to show up and treat you with respect you have been wishing for.

I know at times you feel desperate and like giving up on love and ability to feel secure and confident in a relationship or as a single woman but I promise you, you are so close to figuring this out. I help women go from wildly insecure to fully trusting themselves, feeling totally confident when alone, and being in the position to only accept a truly, healthy and satisfying relationship that suits their needs.

Through my unique coaching method, I am here to support you through it all. Making these shifts is not easy and I know how important it is to have someone by your side to be your biggest cheerleader; for those times you want to chase the guy who has ghosted you, or when you can’t cope with your partner spending time with other women, or your head is spinning when you spend time alone!


Professional Bio:

Since Graduating with a degree in Psychology, Carly Ann has gone on to gain incredible experience, knowledge, and skills when it comes to helping people transform their lives. In 2017, Carly Ann went back to university and qualified in LI Cognitive Behavioural Therapy where she works for the NHS delivering evidence based intervention for individual presenting with depression and different anxieties.

It was working for the NHS that Carly Ann was tasked with delivering Workshops on Building Self-Esteem, it was here that she became passionate about helping people apply these skills to their relationships and dating lives.

Carly Ann especially prides herself on working across a variety of different environments; from prisons, hospitals, community settings, and ,more recently the online space.