After graduating with a degree in Psychology in 2011, I’ve gained various qualifications and worked with people facing many difficulties, including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, substance misuse, sleep difficulties, anger problems, and more.

I have been training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches for ten years, hence why I am so passionate and successful in mid-set & belief work.

I have studied alternative modalities focusing on attachment theory & inner child work.

I am now embarking on 6 months training to become a fully qualified Intuitive Body Coach – up-leveling my skills in healing & body work so that I can enhance my practice and hold safe space for my clients to be able to connect with themselves on a deeper level.

I have over ten years experience of supporting people to transform their lives. I can say hand on heart, that what really qualifies me to guide others through their journey – is my personal experience. I get it. I get you.

I’ve got you.


Hi, I’m Carly Ann! I’m a Relationship & Self-Esteem Coach helping you break free from loneliness, insecurity, and toxic relationship patterns.


At my core, I’m a wholesome girl. I love Sundays, I feel cosy in a cafe, coffee makes me happy, acoustic music makes me feel warm & fuzzy, sunrises are a spiritual experience, belly laughing with my friends is bitter sweet because it gives me a feeling of wanting to live forever, early mornings make me feel part of a secret club, spin classes convince me I have the ability to do anything, my business gives me purpose, and coaching lets me access parts of me that I don’t know exist until the words flow out of my mouth.

I know that one of the things that people like about my membership, courses, and coaching is that I have lived & breathed the attraction to unavailable partners, fantasy relationships, single life, and severe anxiety in relationships & dating.

You might not be surprised to hear that behind the agonising relationship struggles is a story of childhood trauma and chaos.

The way I came to protect myself really showed up in relationships – the chaos continued.

I chased, I crushed, I settled, I lost myself, I boozed, I embarrassed myself, I lacked boundaries (big time) I put them first, I abandoned myself before anyone else could.

The most pain would show up when I experienced any kind of rejection. I would become convinced I needed that person to survive. Deep abandonment wounds would be wide open and as a result, I would be left with a version of me that I couldn’t recognise.


My wake up call came at 29. The end of a relationship. I knew I had a choice to sink or swim.

I totally up-leveled my life. I got in touch with my intuition and I made my dreams a reality, nothing was going to stop me. you know that hunger after a break-up?

BUT amongst all of this…the dating issues continued – unavailable guy after unavailable guy.

This gradually improved as I was doing “the work”: building my self-esteem and learning how to love myself (a huge part of the work I do with women today).

But something was still missing.

Externally, I was setting boundaries and I had stopped chasing people.

Internally, it still hurt so much and I was always focused on one guy, always fantasising about them choosing me.

Things changed when I discovered the key to long-term, REAL change. The deep level Self-Love work, the inner child work, the body work – the WHOLE BODY approach that I use today with myself and clients – means that internally I am calmer, loving, and full able to support myself through life, overthinking, rejection, and fears that come with dating and relationships for me.

The outside has been falling into place without me trying.

I have learned what it really takes to feel secure.

I am secure.

And personally, it is my life’s work to pass on, teach, & guide what I know to be true, the methods I use, and give my support to women who are where I was then. So that in this lifetime, we can experience the love we deserved from the beginning. Because it was and is our birth given right to have our needs met, to be loved, and to live a full & safe life.