About Me

Meet Carly Ann

Every Woman has the potential to be secure in love, re-store her self-worth, stand up for her needs, feel attractive, and to create a life that reaches happiness way beyond her relationship status.

I have considered myself to be on the severe end of an anxious attachment style – in other words, totally insecure in relationships.

It was confusing because I had my s**t together and seemed confident to everyone around me.

Yet, if I was single, you could find me chasing the most recent unavailable guy that had shown interest in me. Quickly forgetting the last, and clinging on to the new one – convinced THIS one is THE one.

In a relationship, there was a constant underlying fear that my partner is going to leave at any moment. This kind if stress presents itself in the form of jealousy, upset, and acting out as soon as you perceive a risk to your relationship.

Being a woman that attracts unavailable men, meant I was in a relationship with one, which only perpetuated my anxiety. I stayed in an ‘OK’ relationship due to convincing myself no-one else would ever want me, and I was getting too old to be single.

Of course, you don’t have to be a genius to work out, these anxious patterns and limiting beliefs were a product of old habitual patterns originating from much childhood trauma.

At 29, I went on a journey of self-discovery. As I found myself in the midst of a break-up, I decided this would be my best opportunity to figure my sh**t out, and build a life I am crazy about – I hoped this would relieve some of the intensity I experienced within dating and relationships. As you can see, it was a complete success.

Of course I am not ‘fixed’, but through investing in my own therapy and coaching, I was able to understand how my old belief system and a very outdated self-image had been keeping me stuck and out of control.

Although I have over ten year experience of working in the world of Guided Self-Help & Mental Health, I truly believe it is my own unique personal challenges that make me the Self-Esteem & Relationship Coach I am Today.

Using my own unique SECURE formula I am determined to help others breakthrough the same walls so that you can feel worthy so you can follow your dream, secure so you can walk away from what does not serve you, and IRREPLACEABLE so that you can quit worrying about not being loved!


Professional Bio:

Since Graduating with a degree in Psychology, Carly Ann has gone on to gain incredible experience, knowledge, and skills when it comes to helping people transform their lives. In 2017, Carly Ann went back to university and qualified in LI Cognitive Behavioural Therapy where she works for the NHS delivering evidence based intervention for individual presenting with depression and different anxieties.

It was working for the NHS that Carly Ann was tasked with delivering Workshops on Building Self-Esteem, it was here that she became passionate about helping people apply these skills to their relationships and dating lives.

Carly Ann especially prides herself on working across a variety of different environments; from prisons, hospitals, community settings, and ,more recently the online space.