Certified Somatic Attachment Coach | Psychology BA(hons) | LI Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Qualified | Certified Intuitive Body Coach |


After graduating with a degree in Psychology in 2011, I’ve supported people to cultivate change & transformation in their lives.

Working across community settings, hospitals, and two London prisons, and now online.

With over twelve years experience, I have created six SECURE Pillars to help my clients unlock a version of themselves that until now, has been covered up by trauma, low self-esteem, and deep attachment wounds.

I know this is not a one size fits all approach, you are one person with your own lived experience. That’s why I use a combination of up-to-date attachment focused modalities to help people move towards secure attachment with themselves and others.

I am passionate about making attachment recovery accessible and I am on a mission to put an end to you feeling crazy, too much, or needy by giving you the inside scoop on why love can make you feel this way.


What makes me a stand out Coach is my own lived experience with an anxious-avoidant attachment style. I have lived & breathed the attraction to unavailable partners, fantasy relationships, obsessing, and losing myself in love.

Behind my agonising relationship struggles is a story of multiple childhood traumas and heartache. From my first memory I was surrounded by violence, substance abuse, chaos, and unpredictability.

Up until the age of 30, I was in an unconscious mission to fulfil my longing for attention, love, and to be chosen. I chased, crushed, settled, lost myself, drank myself to oblivion, embarrassed myself, lacked boundaries, and abandoned myself time and time again.

Immediate pain would show up in my anxious attachment when I experienced any kind of rejection. I would become convinced I needed that person to survive. Deep abandonment wounds would be wide open and as a result, I would be left with a version of me that I couldn’t recognise.

My avoidant attachment could be seen in the way I went into myself, got stuck in moods, had an underlying feeling of numbness and sadness, and avoided the inner work for many years.



My wake up call came at 29. The end of a relationship (that I had outstayed due to a deep fear of being alone), followed by the agony of dating unavailable guy after unavailable guy.

Relationships fuelled by jealousy and a fear of this person realising who I truly am and leaving me.

My own recovery has been a bumpy road. Self-help, coaching, therapy, relapses, and then getting up and going again. Through sharing my own journey it’s my hope that your recovery can be a bit smoother.

My healing has seen me meet and sustain a healthy relationship. I see myself in this relationship sometimes like it is not me… those moments I’m no longer triggered, my ability to respond over react, the way I consider my things logically, and how I see myself almost choose the old path from time to time.

It is my life’s work to pass on, teach, & guide what I know to be true, the methods I use, and give my support to people who are where I was then. So that in this lifetime, we can experience the love we deserved from the beginning. Because it was and is our birth given right to have our needs met, to be loved, and to live a full & safe life.