Hi, I’m Carly Ann! I’m a Relationship & Self-Esteem Coach helping you break free from loneliness, insecurity, and toxic relationship patterns.

I guide you away from past pain to find more joy, build up your self-worth and master your connection with yourself and others.

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My Mission

It is my mission to help women go from insecure, lost, unbelieving of love and help them become fully secure about who they are and what they deserve in love. To fall so deeply in love with yourself. To know you are not crazy, too much, or too needy. I will help you understand why love can make you feel that way and provide you with the knowledge and psychological skills to break free from those toxic patterns,

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Who I Work With

As a Coach & Mentor I work with women who experience insecurity and anxiety in relationships, who struggle to express (or know) their own needs, and experiences fear and sadness about being alone.

Whether you have spent years settling, attract partners who leave you feeling lost & alone, or you experience intense anxiety when you are faced with any form of rejection, I am here to support you, teach you, and guide you through a transformation.

I will teach you why your relationship with love is entangled with unhealthy behaviours and continues to manifest painful dating experiences, and most importantly you will learn how to recover from the anxious attachment style that has you stuck in this cycle of toxic relationships.

It won’t be long before you are able to respond to jealousy, neediness, and frustration with more understanding, meaningful communication, and more secure behaviour patterns.


I know at times you feel desperate and like giving up on love, but I promise you, you are so close to figuring this out. With my help you will become secure and strong as you learn you are in control of your happiness – not any man that does not see you!

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Working with Carly has changed my life! After being an over thinker for as long as I can remember, I was in a spiral of depression & overthinking every situation possible. Carly has shown me tools to help me overcome this. Being my ‘friend’, understanding and supportive along my journey.

The best thing about Learning to Love Myself is I now have a plan of action, whereas before I felt like I didn’t know what to do and was constantly searching which was exhausting!

Since completing the course I have been observing how I speak to myself, looking for things to light me up/make my life more fulfilling, trying to do things which move me up the self-love scale, trying to stay in the moment and not fantasize about the future or dwell on the past!  

Since completing the course I have realised it is not about not having problems but how we deal with them – I need more time to myself during the week and need to let go of people who drain me.    

Since completing the course I now believe that MY opinion of myself is the most important!

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