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Ultimate Goal Setting for 2019 (and the rest of your life!)

Posted on 27th Oct 2018 by

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“This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” ~ Scott Reed



Setting goals is important for your wellbeing. Goals give you a sense of direction and let you know you are on track.


You might have an idea of what you want, or, you might have no idea.


Whether you know your goals or not, setting them can be tough. Whether it is not knowing where to begin or not being able to stick to goals, the process isn’t easy, especially when the world is full of temptations.


It’s easy to get lost in your goals too, and sometimes you are even aiming for something you don’t actually want, but you feel like you should want.


Your thoughts, beliefs and outlook on yourself and the world can interfere with you getting what you want. That’s why I have created a programme to support you with taking your next steps.


To find out what you can do to set goals and get your life moving in the direction you dream of, join me for FREE. I am offering the opportunity for you to attend a one off session from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want to be). This free webinar will give you:



If you want to find out more or book your place on the FREE webinar, contact me HERE.


Date and Time: 18/11/2018 at 5pm.


Carly Ann xx

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